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wonderful 101 character to appear in ssb4

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User Info: RevOn_DX

3 years ago#61
Metaknighter posted...
cctrunks317 posted...
He turned out great. But violence =/= sexual content. Everything about Bayonetta screams sex. All of it. Take it all away, and you've got a generic witch with agile moves and a sword. She wouldn't be Bayonetta at all.

Seeing how people can see and zoom in on -underpants- from people such as Peach, and Sakurai blatantly -posted- a picture of Wii Fit Trainer's ass, I don't think adding Bayonetta with slightly less content is the end of the world.

Take away nakedness? I'd still see Bayonetta.
Take away a sexy walk or make it less sexy? I'd still see Bayonetta.

They can keep her blowing a kiss, ass-tight suit and overall sexy appearance, and I'd still see her in my opinion.

I feel the same way
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User Info: Ultim87

3 years ago#62
What about Pikmin & Kid Icarus in Melee? Animal Crossing in Brawl? Even then, that doesn't explain Chibi-Robo, Elite Beat Agents/Osu Tatake Ouendan!, Trace Memory, Hotel Dusk, Magical Vacation or whatever that RPG was called, Famicom Detective Club, Custom Robo, and various other games that didn't have so much as an assist otherwise.

Again, I hate to say it, but this may be all we're getting from Nintendo's best new IP since 2000.
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User Info: ThatKipp

3 years ago#63
Kayoe posted...

I really want a W101 rep but that is just wrong.

Chibi Robo has a good chance at being an assist trophy and that's it. Dillon got 2 recent digital-only 3DS games, and he's just an AT.
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