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Rate My Roster Prediction

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User Info: ChaosInvoker

3 years ago#11
This is a very realistic roster in my opinion!

There are a few things I not sure about, but not a whole lot.

1) I also think we'll get another Mario character and Paper Mario is a possibility, but I think it'll be someone else (honestly I can't think of who either, lol).

2) I don't think Lucas is coming back, despite being a liked character in Brawl's roster.

3) Although Mii is a strong bet, I just don't see how the character would work. Would he/she be heavy depending on the size? Would they have different specials based on their shirt colors (like in find Mii). I just think it would be a very hard character to create accurately without having personal touches (like I mentioned) as that's what they're known for. In Mario Kart its easier to add the Miis cause the characters in that game don't have as many references to their origins like in SSB.

Other than that this is a a very realistic roster. Although Sakurai threw us a curve ball with the Wii Fit Trainer, he mostly throws (somewhat) predictable characters. It seems as though if you were in Brawl, you have a strong chance of returning. I'm willing to bet we only get one or two more unpredictable characters!
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User Info: LordCarlisle

3 years ago#12

Paper Mario -1


Three Star Fox characters - 2


No Zelda newcomer - 3

Final score: 4/10
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