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What would you rate this roster?

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User Info: Raven24

3 years ago#31
Palutena, Isaac and a wtf character that isn't disgusting? (Sable vs. G&W and ROB)

Yeah me likey.

Venom in her eyes; reeks of death. She looks to me and smiles, "How was your last breath?" -Anemandae ||=|| Non-sword user or female FE Char for SSB4

User Info: LordCarlisle

3 years ago#32

Ghirahim is playable - +4


Prince Sable as an unexpected choice - +1


Pac-Man is in - +2 for realism


Snake is cut - +3 for realism


- Three StarFox reps - 1


- No Mii - -1 for lack of realism

Final Score: 8/10
"An atheist is a man who has no invisible means of support." -- John Buchan
I am the leading Ghirahim supporter around these boards.

User Info: BreckenDusk

3 years ago#33
Perfect roster. All the cuts were ones I didn't care about or are the most likely and I don't hate any additions except kind of Pac Man. There may be better options for some reps but honestly this seems pretty ideal.

User Info: CanyouGuess

3 years ago#34
Unfriendly neighborhood curmudgeon

User Info: User728

3 years ago#35
Some people just don't know when to give up on Ridley.

User Info: albertojz356

3 years ago#36
I like it, very nice!
I support my favorite Nintendo Starlets: Pauline, Palutena, Anna, Captain Syrup, and also Shantae, and Bayonetta for Smash Bros Wii U/3ds.
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  3. What would you rate this roster?

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