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Sakurai gives you the choice of...

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User Info: wind64a

3 years ago#11
Apollo Lens (Golden Sun: Dark Dawn)

Boss: Chaos Hound
Rotates between strong basic attacks, Deadly Gas that does damage over time, and a Wicked Howl that stuns the closest opponent.

When first defeated the Chaos Hound transforms into the Chaos Chimera. Upon transforming it uses Retribution to instantly KO the nearest playable character. If no one is nearby it will instead use Darksol Gasp to inflict Haunt on everyone, reducing their health over time and slowing their movements. Afterwards it uses the same attacks as the Chaos Hound but with larger range and increased damage and knockback.

Spoilers for Kirby Triple Deluxe ahead

Queen Sectonia's Castle (Kirby Triple Deluxe)

Boss: Queen Sectonia
Queen Sectonia flies around the area and has a tendency to teleport around before attacking.
She usually has her twin staves, but will occasionally exchange them for twin swords. She tends to lunge with the swords while unleashing a flurry of attacks. Sometimes trying to strike her will cause her to phase out and strike from behind.

While she has her staves, she will primarily attack with bolts of dark energy and by summoning her insect minions.

Defeating her the first time will cause her to go into plant form and attack with flowery minions. They launch seeds and will occasionally form into blades and lunge at the players. You can attack the flowers in order to reduce her health. Each flower only has a small portion of her health and defeating one causes her to withdraw them and fire a giant laser at the ground. Defeating all the flowers will result in her defeat.
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