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Smash Bros. Anime.

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All they'd do is fight, or make terrible decisions.
You don't want them to give Link a voice again, do you?
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User Info: Shorydouken

3 years ago#122
Has anyone in this topic watched past a scream for ten minutes Shonen anime before?

And also waifu desu senpai is not the whole Japanese dictionary.
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User Info: RetroGamerGuy

3 years ago#123
Yes. Most definitely.
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User Info: BloodPump

3 years ago#124
Shorydouken posted...

Has anyone in this topic watched past a scream for ten minutes Shonen anime before?

Indeed I have. Lots of fanservice and action with the aim toward a younger audience. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a handful of Shonen (I grew up on One Piece and still read/watch it to this day), but you've gotta take it for what it is; one dimensional 90% of the time. Flat main protagonists, cookie cutter villains about 80 or so percent of the time, a TERRIBLE damsel in distress (I.e. Sakura, Orihime) and over exaggerated power levels.
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User Info: M_Live

3 years ago#125
Lexmark1989 posted...
AirBalloon posted...
No it isn't.

Yes it is, it counts as offending other posters. Weaboo isn't the main problem, saying I'm not weaboo I'm american is the problem.

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User Info: Pentao

3 years ago#126
I would watch a Kid Icarus Uprising anime by SHAFT where it's basically just everyone talking to each other. It'd be like watching the Monogatari series (just worse because it'd be all humor and fanservice and no substance), and it'd still be amazing.

A Super Smash Bros. Anime would probably be better done in the style of Nichijou as a comedy though, instead of some attempt at a plot which would probably end up with a story as bad as Subspace Emissary. This is Smash, not the Avengers or Days of Future Past.

Good Anime fight scenes eat budget like nothing because you gotta be SAKUGA or else you're just some bland collection of frames of people swinging at each other with too many speed lines. And I doubt we're basically gonna get Super Smash Bros: Sword of the Stranger in terms of fight scenes.

So sure, let SHAFT or KyoAni do a Super Smash Slice of Life. Throw in fight scenes for fanservice if you want to.
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