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I have to get this out there: I'm seriously pissed.

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  3. I have to get this out there: I'm seriously pissed.

User Info: Eat_Cow

3 years ago#1
I know people are gonna go "close your account" "Stop whining. Be grateful Sakurai even gives you this stuff" "lol QQ moar" etc. but whatever.

First off.. The newcomers. This is a NINTENDO all-star game. Meant to be filled with iconic Nintendo characters. We have most of them, yeah. But there are some characters too deserving to be left out while characters like Rosalina, Palutena, and Mii get in.

Yes. I'm talking about Ridley, Mewtwo, and K. Rool in particular. They have followings that are simply too big (lol ridley too big) to ignore, and their importance to their series are too prominent to leave out. Ridley is one of the only consistently recurring Metroid characters in the series and is Samus' arch rival. HE should be on the roster before Zero Suit Samus. Both can coexist, but picking ZSS over Ridley? -__- Mewtwo is iconic to Pokémon. We already have iconic Pokémon like Pikachu and Charizard, but to put Jigglypuff or Greninja in before Mewtwo is also absurd. Don't get me wrong, Greninja is cool, but not if he's without Mewtwo. The representation should be perfect. While this is my opinion, I feel like it's very reasonable and logical. K. Rool is the original DKC villain. I don't get why they've buried him lately with the past two DKC games, but it's no reason not to include him in Smash. TONS of people in BOTH the US and Japan want him, he's the original main villain, just..

Rosalina shouldn't get in before older, more prominent characters like Toad and Bowser Jr. She shouldn't.

Palutena's popularity is too new. She may have been in the older KI games, but the most recent is the only one to bring a surge in popularity. One game. It'd be okay that she's a newcomer IF and only IF more important and aged characters get in too. This is Sakurai bias and it's total, utter BS.

ANOTHER thing that frustrates me even more is inaccurate representation of characters themselves. Ike is known as the Hero/Mercenary (forgot which it is) of blue flames. BLUE FLAMES. NOT RED. It's frustrating that Project M, a fan mod, gets this right but the official Nintendo installment of Smash doesn't. I don't even care about Fire Emblem but improper character representation is annoying. People will say "Smash is never 100% true to characters!" Well, you know what? IT'S NOT IMPOSSIBLE FOR IT TO BE. If just a LITTLE more research would be put into the characters before they'd be put in.. ugh. They ARE making some steps in the right direction with DK's roll and Link's backflip and jumping slash for two examples, but SOME isn't enough.

Olimar's final smash is the same. Where's rock pikmin? How much else from Brawl will be ported over?

Just.. My frustration is so high. And if Gematsu is real (which it... most likely entirely is at this point), the list of characters is pitiful.

I can't take it.
Eat Cow!

User Info: soothsayer77

3 years ago#2
Close ur account though

User Info: Osumnis

3 years ago#3
soothsayer77 posted...
Close ur account though
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User Info: yuppsta

3 years ago#4
soothsayer77 posted...
Close ur account though
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User Info: Hafkid

3 years ago#5
Osumnis posted...
soothsayer77 posted...
Close ur account though
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User Info: RotomGuy3

3 years ago#6
Osumnis posted...
soothsayer77 posted...
Close ur account though
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User Info: taoxadasa

3 years ago#7
You are acting you know for sure those characters won't be playable.
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User Info: therochf

3 years ago#8
Please understand.
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User Info: TheMindGamer

3 years ago#9
Cow asplode?
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User Info: Rouenne

3 years ago#10
Cry moar
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  3. I have to get this out there: I'm seriously pissed.

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