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Sakurai Lied

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User Info: WrappedInBlack

3 years ago#1
Remember when he said the were thinking about bringing Mewtwo back?Well they decided the roster back in 2012 so... In 2013 when he said that he was lying.
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User Info: CommodoreConn

3 years ago#2
... Or it means he's trolling.... Again.
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User Info: CharzardGurl

3 years ago#3


User Info: RedFlyNinja

3 years ago#4

User Info: Majora787

3 years ago#5
CharzardGurl posted...


So he lied about DLC, and not about Mewtwo? Well then, the TC's still right.
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User Info: WrappedInBlack

3 years ago#6
RedFlyNinja posted...

Back at E3 2013 he said they.were thinking about adding Mewtwo... No I don't have that on hand, it's old, and this year he said they decided the roster basically as soon as they started making the game... Which was either 2011 or 2012 I forgot what year he tweeted...
The real Black is Back.

User Info: Nicholas2222

3 years ago#7
It was never confirmed, by literally anyone besides somebody who magically claimed he was there with no proof that he ever said that.

I will never understand why people hang onto that statement so much when it was never even proven he said it.
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User Info: ReachOutToTruth

3 years ago#8
S(he) be(l)ieved(aughed)
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User Info: soothsayer77

3 years ago#9
Thinkijg about shovin his ass in a master ball.

User Info: ReallyCoolForum

3 years ago#10
Actually Sakurai said "we're thinking about it" in response to someone asking about Mega Mewtwo Y at the Pokemon XY Q&A roundtable from last E3. Not Mewtwo in general.

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