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Are you pro or anti-Shulk?

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User Info: NEW-WAYS-2-DIE

3 years ago#1
How do you feel about Shulk? - Results (332 votes)
I like Shulk.
82.83% (275 votes)
I don't like Shulk.
17.17% (57 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Don't sulk, here's Shulk!
Every dweeb has his day!
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User Info: Pinxed

3 years ago#2
I'm assuming you're anti-neutral.
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User Info: Emmy_Altava

3 years ago#3
When given a choice between a reasonable new IP and an already represented one, I'll pick the former 10 times out of 10, and Xenoblade is a fantastic choice given that game's world and music. Shulk is the icing on the cake, especially since he can be counted on to immortalize the series no matter what happens to it in the end - like Mother and F-Zero.

User Info: DarkKnightCessi

3 years ago#4
I'm neutral.
This heart throbs for Chrob.
The game's playing itself Jon. The game's just playing itself Jon!!

User Info: MegaWentEvil

3 years ago#5
Against, it makes no sense for the characters to even be able to hit Shulk, given he can see the future.

User Info: M_Live

3 years ago#6
I literally don't even know what Shulk looks like. Seven Kilo Gold Chain

User Info: SamuraiLloyd

3 years ago#7
I am very Pro-She-Hulk, best comic female ever!

Oh, you mean the sword guy? I'm neutral when it comes to him. Never played Xenoblade so I wouldn't know if I like him or not but I wouldn't be against him being in Smash either.
"I just beat Mag-Freaking-Neto! Where yo curly mustache at?!" - Deadpool
"I reject your reality and substitute my own" - Adam Savage

User Info: Pluslerules

3 years ago#8
Pinxed posted...
I'm assuming you're anti-neutral.

DarkKnightCessi posted...
I'm neutral.
No hostile intentions. Probably.

User Info: StevenDrkPrince

3 years ago#9
M_Live posted...
I literally don't even know what Shulk looks like.

Blonde anime boy
(3DS FC: 4296-3067-2375)(GT/NNID: StevenDrkPrince)
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User Info: BenJ09

3 years ago#10
I'm a pretty pro Shulk. I know how to handle my Monado.
Green space hares are better than stupid unrealistic space foxes!
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  3. Are you pro or anti-Shulk?

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