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Damn, three subpar newcomers in a row...

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  3. Damn, three subpar newcomers in a row...

User Info: super_luigi16

3 years ago#1
Well, I guess it only makes the good newcomers better? Right? :P
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User Info: Patwhit01

3 years ago#2

U wot m8?
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User Info: EarthLord_CJ

3 years ago#3
Moderators can't troll.

It's illegal.
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User Info: bisonyesyes

3 years ago#4
Captain Falcon is a newcomer?

User Info: SmallerRidley

3 years ago#5
That's an optimistic view.
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User Info: Icedragonadam

3 years ago#6
bisonyesyes posted...
Captain Falcon is a newcomer?
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User Info: cctrunks317

3 years ago#7
They aren't subpar. I mean, it's all subjective but... I like Lucina more n Chrom. And Robin brings more to the table as far as dramatic flare. What with magic and such. It was a pretty good day I think.
Too bad Barry isn't working on Smash. He could just edit in the characters we want.

User Info: GoomytheSavior

3 years ago#8
> Palutena
> Sub par

Goomy be praised!

User Info: FreecsZoldyck

3 years ago#9
I'd say all the newcomers so far have been great.
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User Info: MARl0

3 years ago#10
So much irony in this...
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  3. Damn, three subpar newcomers in a row...

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