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Everything there is to know about SSB4 ~ Guide by ShinyMasamuneZ ~ 2014-07-28

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3 years ago#1
As stated in the title, this all done by ShinyMasamuneZ. I'm just transposing the information into a topic. As such, I request you do not post until I say so. It makes it much, much neater.

Helpful Sites:

ShinyMasamuneZ's original Google Doc:

Note: this is a live doc, and as such will always have the most up-to-date information.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS official site:

SSB4 Fansite:

pholiscious' Pic of the Day Archive:

Now, on with the guide!

Table of Contents:

I. Basics
II. Advanced Techniques
III. Customization
IV. Veterans
V. Newcomers
VI. Stages
VII. Game Modes
VII. Music

I. Basics:

Obviously, there are going to be two games: one for the 3DS and one for the Wii U. Unfortunately, their respective titles are Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.

The two versions will have the same roster of characters, but will differ in the kinds of stages present as well as game modes.

The 3DS version is slated for a release date on October 3rd, 2014 in the States and in Europe, while the Wii U version is given a nebulous Holiday 2014 release. Japan will get it their 3DS version almost a month earlier on September 13th, 2014.

A Gamecube peripheral will be released around Holiday 2014 which will allow the connection of up to four Gamecube controllers to the Wii U via two USB ports. This is probably the most exciting announcement ever. A special black controller bearing the Smash logo will also be released around this time.

The Wii U version (at least) will be the first title to be compatible with the Amiibo, Skylander-esque figurines that can store information for a specific character using a specialized computer chip. Data concerning records, character statistics and customization options can be transferred by placing the figurine on the rectangular symbol at the bottom left of the Game Pad. Amiibos will be able to be summoned as computer controlled Figure Players (FPs) whose stats can be increased to Level 50. This process of fully leveling-up has been described as being a fairly quick process.

The game has been observed to play as sort of a hybrid between Melee and Brawl, though probably closer to Brawl. The gravity physics no longer have the floaty quality that they had in Brawl, but the air dodging seems to follow the formula from that game. The hitstun present in Melee seems to have made a return as well! Furthermore, the majority of the characters seem to have been given a boost in both their aerial and ground speed.

The 3DS version of the game will run at 60 frames per second, though the animations of Pokeball Pokemon and Assist Trophies will run at a slower 30 fps.

Random tripping has thankfully been removed!

Characters that formerly had the ability to glide no longer have that technique.


User Info: Pinxed

3 years ago#2
I. Basics (continued)

Swimming seems to be removed as a mechanic. In the Tortimer Island stage, characters were observed as sinking immediately.

In order to provide contrast on the smaller screen, the characters in the 3DS version will be given a thick outline. However, the exact thickness of these outlines can be adjusted or removed completely. The outlines only coat the outermost contour of each character and thus are not shown when an arm or other appendage intersects with the rest of the body. The outlines will also highlight a player’s color during team multiplayer matches.

Revival platforms now have lights that flash red before they dissipate to let the player know they are about to re-enter the fray.

Footstool hopping appears to remain as a mechanic. Though it is now called a “stepping stone jump”.

KOed characters now are surrounded in a colored trail corresponding to the character who scored the KO!

Multiple characters can latch onto the stage simultaneously using the tether recovery, though whoever ultimately grabs the ledge first with their own hands will claim it. However, under the new ledge rules a second character who grabs an already occupied ledge will eject the previous occupant, claiming it for themselves.

A red and black energy effect appears when a character is hit by a strong attack when at high percentages. This helps to further indicate when a player is in trouble of being KOed. Furthermore, opponents with high damage percents will also emit steam as another visual representation of high damage.

Special KOs with specialized or fancy animations such as the Screen KO and Star KO return in this game, though they will be turned off in the latter portions of Time matches to allow players to make up time when they need it most.

From videos taken during E3, it looks as if each character will have at least three alternate colorations. Alt costumes a la Wario seem to be more common this time around.

The 3DS touch screen will display the current time as well as battery life in the bottom left corner.

II. Advanced Techniques

It has been observed that some degree of Smash Direction Influence (DI) -- the ability to mash the control during a powerful hit and move slightly in the that direction -- exists in this newest incarnation.

Pivoting into tilts and some attacks by changing direction during a dash exists, but only robustly in the 3DS version. Smash attacks uniquely cannot be pivoted into there, but using the C-Stick on the Wii U version does allow for such a thing.

Dash Dancing can be performed, but the initial dash animation is still shortened as in Brawl so its usefulness is likely not very high.

Landing lag has been reduced for most characters allowing more options for acting out of jumps and other aerial maneuvers.

Fastfalling is graphically updated so that a small spark appears upon performance; similar to its manifestation in SSB64.


User Info: Pinxed

3 years ago#3
III. Customization

The game will feature the ability to customize each character’s moveset and characteristics. The game will have unlockable equipment or moves that they can use in order obtain a wider variety of play options and styles.

The majority of characters will have three options for each of the four special B-attacks -- the default starting technique as well as two additional variations. The exception to these rules are the Mii Fighters and Palutena who have three completely different options for each special.

Each character will also have their own set of equipment that modify at least three basic stats: damage output, weight and speed. Damage output increases the percentage dealt with attacks (and probably knockback as well). Weight decreases your own knockback and speed increases your mobility. While each equipment boosts one of these stats, they also decrease another -- thus, balance must be concerned when using these items. There is an option to “Feed Equipment” which may allow players to destroy collected items to boost stats in a different way.

Customizations have the option to be turned off for VS play. Customized moves and equipment will NOT be allowed in Online Play with Everyone, but will be allowed for Online Play with Friends and offline multiplayer. It is uncertain if customization will be an option for single player modes. Customized characters will, however, be able to be transferred between console versions!

IV. Veterans


Little has changed about the iconic plumber’s moveset. It seems that his Neutral B Fireball attack will have the following customizations:

- Fireball -- Standard bouncing fireball we know and love

- Fast Fireball -- Moves quicker in a straight trajectory

- Fire Orb -- A large fireball arcs slowly and deals damage multiple times as it rolls forward (SMPRG reference?!)

His cape will have a Gust Cape custom variant which will eject small gusts of wind as well as one called Shocking Cape. Mario’s Up+B will have a custom option to have it be faster and on fire called Explosive Punch. The other recovery variant is Super Jump Punch which seems to have increased vertical trajectory. Lastly, Mario’s FLUDD also comes with Scalding and High Pressure custom parts.

Mario’s Wario-colored and Fire Mario outfits will of course return as well as a new one with a light blue hat and pink shirt. Mario has an elaborate American-striped overalls and starred undershirt based on a outfit of NES Open Tournament Golf.


Luigi’s three-hit A combo now has different animations for the primary two hits, but the finisher is still the literal bum rush we know and love. His Down Throw has been changed so that he sits on the target. Luigi’s jump animation now has him fluttering his legs and it is possible Luigi’s jump height will be more vertically pronounced. He also has a taunt or idle animation where he adjusts his nose.

His Final Smash is changed from the trippy Zen of Negative Zone to one featuring the Poltergust from Luigi’s Mansion. It sucks nearby players (and possibly items) inward dealing damage with a tornado-like motif before finally expelling them from the bag at great force.

Luigi’s alternate outfits include his orange (Macaroni and Lui-eege), light blue and pink outfits from Brawl.


User Info: Pinxed

3 years ago#4
IV. Veterans


Peach returns with a slightly redesigned dress from Brawl -- the pleats down the center are missing for a brighter, smoother look. She has an Up Smash where she strikes upward surrounded by a spinning pink ribbon. She also appears to have a new up-tilt where the impact is surrounded by hearts. Peach’s Up Air now produces a rainbow in a wide arc above her head.


Bowser has been heavily redesigned such that he no longer has the hunched, feral look he had in previous games. He now stands upright on two legs and appears to have a slightly more agile movement animations. His A combo are now punches instead of claw swipes and his Dash Attack is a sliding kick. His Neutral Aerial is now a backwards flip kick and Back Aerial is a two-legged drop kick. his Forward Smash now has been changed to a powerful looking drop kick.

Bowser’s Back Throw is a one-handed grab and toss and the Koopa King now gives a punch when recovering from ledges.

Bowser’s Fire Breath can be customized into a variant where he spits Fireballs.

Bowser’s gold skinned, black-shelled variant from Brawl will return as well as a new coloration with bright green skin and black arms. Another coloration has purple skin with yellow hair.


Like Bowser, Yoshi’s design has been altered so that he appears less dinosaurian and more anthropomorphically bipedal. His Egg Toss move now is visually changed to have a rainbow trail following it. It also now appears that he can grab Olimar’s Pikmin with his Tongue. It is uncertain if he can make eggs from them or if he will just swallow them. It follows that Yoshi can now swallow other items as well. Yoshi now obtains the much-needed ability to jump out of his egg shield. His Up+Smash has been changed to a backflip kick.

Yoshi will have a customizable variant Side+B called “Heavy Egg Roll”.

Yoshi’s other colors include red, yellow and dark blue morphs. Furthermore, Yoshi’s egg spots will change color to match that of the Yoshi being player.

Donkey Kong

Like many other veteran characters, little has changed with Donkey Kong as well. His Final Smash is the same as in Brawl, but it now includes a scrolling bar at the top of his head similar to those found in Donkey Konga which allows players to better time the beats of his drumming. DK now gains a roll attack as his Dash to mirror its importance from DKCR and now has the ability to use Hand Slap in mid-air for a spike attack.

A customizable variant of DK’s Headbutt now sees him gain Super Armor for the duration of the attack by sacrificing its speed -- it is aptly and unoriginally called “Slow Headbutt”. Another customizable technique transforms Giant Punch into Storm Punch allowing the ape to blow distant foes backwards. DK’s Up Special can be altered into either a Giant Blow or a Giant Slam. Lastly, DK’s Hand Slap has been seen to emit electrical energy on impact in one variant.

DK’s alt colorations include one with black fur and a yellow tie and another with orange fur and blue tie. DK still has his purple-blue colored costume which should be called nothing except Grape Ape.


User Info: Pinxed

3 years ago#5
IV. Veterans (continued)

Diddy Kong

Some of Diddy Kong’s B-moves have been altered to have slightly different elements. His Rocketbarrel Blast can now be more finely controlled to move in horizontal directions -- possibly in reference to its uses in the Returns series. His Peanut Popgun also now delivers a powerful attack when the barrel of the gun explodes.


Link returns sporting a design heavily based off of Twilight Princess, but with some elements of his Skyward Sword look thrown in. His Up Aerial animation has changed so that Link’s body is oriented out of line with the sword. Link’s Down Aerial may possibly be used as a meteor strike. Link’s new dash attack has been changed to a leaping downward slash. The animation for Link’s ledge recovery attack has been changed to be more similar to that of the Crouch Stab from OoT.

From watching people in the Nintendo Treehouse play -- it looked as if the Gale Boomerang animation is still present, but now possesses the same knockback quality as the Melee Boomerang. I’d wager the horrible Gale option from Brawl will be a customizable option. Link’s Shield still reflects projectiles though be may be slightly stunned due to recoil this time around. Link’s Clawshot has a larger range than before for purposes of tether recovery.

Link’s alt colors include blue, red and purple tunics as well as one based on his pre-tunic clothes from Skyward Sword.

Toon Link

Not a whole lot to report here. It’s possible that like with regular Link, using his Shield to reflect projectiles may cause a moment of recoil. Toon Link’s spin attack has a more serrated, jagged appearance than Link’s and is said to hit differently than his older self’s move. Link’s Hookshot will likely have a larger range than before for tether recoveries.

Toon Link will have red, blue and lavender tunic alt colorations.


Zelda and Sheik have been completely separated for this game. As such, Zelda’s Down+B now summons a “projectile” in the form of the Phantoms from Spirit Tracks. The Phantom is launched forward and slashes upward at a target in its path. It can also be used to block enemy attacks or projectiles, but being a projectile itself is vulnerable to being reflected or Pocketed. The Phantom’s range is dependent on how long the attack is charged before release.

Her A-attacks have been redone to include a magical aura emanating from them -- her forward-tilt how seems to be a magical slash attack. Her down aerial can now function as a spike. Din’s Fire now has its power increased the further it is detonated away from Zelda.

Zelda’s wardrobe is blessed with red, blue and purple dresses for alternate colored fun.


User Info: Pinxed

3 years ago#6
IV. Veterans (continued)


Sheik is now shis [sic] character and is chosen on the character select screen completely separate from Zelda. S/he now has a new Side+B attack that replaces the Whip known as Burst Grenade. This releases a bomb which can be then detonated to drawn opponents closer in. S/he also possesses the acrobatic Down+B, Bouncing Fish which allows Sheik to ricochet off of an opponent upon contact and can be furthermore used as a Meteor Smash.

Sheik will have pink, blue and black, and blue and purple variants for her costumes.


Samus returns now sporting her Other M design making Metroid fanboys grit their teeth in disgust like there’s no tomorrow. Samus’ Zero Laser functions the same as in the past, but no longer forces her to transform into Zero Suit Samus. Like with the Sheik-Zelda split, Samus and her less heavily armored self are now completely different characters on the select screen. Samus’ Charge Shot is now faster and stronger -- it is ambiguous if faster refers to the time it takes to fully charge it or if it refers to the projectile speed. Perhaps both! Her Grapple Beam has a longer range for the purposes of tether recovery.

Samus’ alt colors are include pink and blue and silver and red variants which may be based off of the Fusion and Dark suits respectively. Samus will have another alt coloration with white armor over black trim which seems loosely based on the Light Suit from Metroid Prime 2.

Zero Suit Samus

She now is her own character and has been thoroughly redesigned in the area of the boobies and gams. Her dash attack is now a running knee attack and her Forward Smash is a double kick attack.

Zamus’s Paralyzer charging stance has also been animated differently to make it appear more exciting Her Flip Jump special now has a graphical update with an after effect image before she plummets down. She has also been given a pair of high he--er, “jet boots” to develop a moveset around powerful and fast kicking. As a result, her Up+B is no longer the Plasma Wire, but is instead a charge using these boots. Nevermind how she goes upward in the SAME direction the boots are thrusting -- but Smash cares less about physics than it does canon, so I’ll ignore this. Plasma does seem to be mapped to her grab and possibly can be used as a tether recovery.

ZSS’s Final Smash summons her iconic Gunship and has it blast the screen within its crosshairs in a similar fashion to Snake’s Final Smash from Brawl. The gunship is also seen dropping ZSS off in her intro animation.

One of ZSS’s alt costumes features a glossy black Zero Suit. Others feature red Zero Suits and one with different, darker shades of blue.


Pikachu is as cute as he ever was and now, the downward bolt of the Thunder attack now acts as a Meteor Strike which potentially allows some comboing in tandem with upward strikes. Pikachu’s Final Smash has been graphically updated with a second spark indicating the direction the player is facing. This allows better control and awareness of the speedy technique.

Pikachu’s alternate costumes are a pink and white trucker cap, a green bandana and the blue Pichu goggles.


User Info: Pinxed

3 years ago#7
IV. Veterans (continued)


Lucario’s aura mechanics have been augmented this time around. As with before, Lucario deals more damage as his percentage rises, but his special attacks appear to be further improved. His Aura Sphere gets larger and moves faster and his Extreme Speed begins to travel farther to potentially detrimental distances. Aura now streams from Lucario when he Extreme Speeds and there is more control involved within that attack.

Lucario’s Final Smash now has him becoming Mega Lucario. In this temporary transformation, all of his Aura attacks have their maximum effect; regardless of his hit percentage.


Charizard has brutally overthrown his tyrannical master, Pokemon Trainer and now appears as answering to only his own command. It is unsure what fate will befall both Ivysaur and Squirtle. Charizard’s Forward Air has been replaced with a new claw swipe animation.

Charizard’s Rock Smash is now assigned to Down+B. The Side+B technique will be replaced with Flare Blitz which like its home-game counterpart shoots Charizard flaming forward and causes a bit of recoil damage upon contact with an opponent. Like with all gliding characters, Charizard’s gliding ability will be removed.

Charizard’s Final Smash involves a transformation into Mega Charizard X.


Kirby loses his rapid-fire punching combo and now his standard A will transition into a finishing punch.

Kirby now has a Hammer Flip attack for his Side+B. He can now charge his Hammer attack while moving and increase its power until unleashed. Kirby will begin to gradually take damage as this move grows in power. While you can jump while charging this technique and use it in the air, the attack is much slower than it was in Brawl. The Stone ability’s Thwomp transformation now appears more to riff on the original design shown in the Galaxy games. It also has been observed that certain strong attacks may be able to knock Kirby out of Stone form -- it’s invincibility has ultimately been nerfed.

Kirby’s Final Smash drops the Chef and becomes the Ultra Sword. This looks very similar to Link’s Triforce Slash and possibly has a larger trapping range.

One of Kirby’s custom moves involves changing his Neutral B technique into a Frost Breath which pushes enemies away and potentially freezes them. Another changes his Down B into a Hammer Bash.

Kirby’s alternate colorations include blue, yellow and red versions of the pink puff.

Kirby dons Palutena’s hairdo and staff when he copies her ability and gets Pac-Man’s nose and triangular eyebrows when doing the same to him. Kirby can also obtain, Lil’ Mac’s hair, Wii Fit Trainer’s ponytail and Mega Man’s helmet.


User Info: Pinxed

3 years ago#8
IV. Veterans

King Dedede

King Dedede’s character animations have been slightly altered to make him more expressive and hammy. His Side+B now only throws Gordos.


Fox loses his rapid kicking attack and his standard A-combo now finishes after three attacks. His up-tilt and Up Smash have apparently been reduced in their effectiveness.

Fox’s Illusion no longer suffers from the brief period of inactivity after use. This allows the chaining of techniques and increase horizontal recovery as Firefox could be used immediately afterwards.

One of Fox’s custom Up+B attacks may be called “Charge Blaster”.

Fox’s alternate colorations include a black and blue jacket with a red shirt, a pink jacket with a purple shirt, and green jacket with a yellow shirt.


Pit, now having a whole new persona thanks to Uprising, its one of the most drastically redesigned characters. First of all, his arrow shooting stance has been improved to look more striking and dynamic. His Up Tilt has a new animation and his Forward Air is now a spinning bowblade strike.

Pit’s “HYAYAYAYA Angel Ring” Side+B has been replaced with the Upperdash Arm which slides Pit forward and knocks foes upward. It is known that Pit has Super Armor at least against some weaker projectile attacks while using Upperdash Arm. The Power of Flight Up+B has been altered from the freeform flight mode to a more linear distance-covering dash for which the direction can be controlled. Pit can no longer glide as well. The Mirror Shield Down+B is replaced by Guardian Orbitars which protect both sides of Pit’s flank, though this attack cannot be held in the same fashion as the Shield.

Pit’s Palutena’s Army Final Smash has been replaced by Three Sacred Treasures where he dons said relics and begins unleashing a storm of light arrows.

Pit’s Arrows now have a customization where they move slower, allowing their trajectory to be more finely tuned.

Pit’s alternate colors include ones with red, yellow and orange tunics.


Marth is given a redesign which incorporates elements from Shadow Dragon as well as newer games. As a result, his jacket extends down further, his boots are brown, wrapped things and his shoulder armor seems less rigid. He also has a slightly different haircut though his tiara remains. His animations are further heightened by emphasizing sharp contours at the edge of his slashes in order to highlight the sweet spot.

Marth’s Shield Breaker Neutral+B is powered up this time around to help it live up to its name.

Marth also apparently has a forward dash customizable special which looks similar to a weaker Critical Hit attack.

Marth’s alternate costumes have his cape appearing in bright red, hunter green and black varieties.


User Info: Pinxed

3 years ago#9
IV. Veterans

Ike now has blue armored boots instead of his ragtag military issue brown and a cool new shoulder pad in a design heavily based off his appearance from Radiant Dawn. Ike’s flames when using Eruption now have a hint of blue in them.

Pikmin and Olimar

Olimar’s outfit is now visually upgraded to include a whistle and the Hocotate logo on his shoulder. Olimar is now equipped with an A combo where he punches, allowing him to attack more effectively without his Pikmin in tow.

Olimar is the target of a number of radical changes to his special moveset. Summoning Pikmin now has a fixed order: red, yellow, blue, white and purple. There is almost a maximum limit of three Pikmin that Olimar can control at a time. This makes management a bit easier as well as strategic. The Pikmin are also able to retrieve items about the stage and return them to Olimar.

His Up+B now involves being carried upward by Winged Pikmin, though the effectiveness of this ability decreases as the combined weight of his Pikmin increase. However, Pikmin can be thrown in mid-air to reduce weight and then can be summoned once again after a successful recovery. IIt ultimately looks rather similar to Pit’s up+B in Brawl. It is still unknown if Rock Pikmin will be in his moveset at all.

Captain Falcon

Captain Falcon returns sporting his iconic Punch, Kick, Raptor Boost and Blue Falcon Final Smash. One of Falcon’s alternate colors seems to bear bright orange and gold coloration.


Sonic’s spikes are just a tad shorter in accordance with his Lost Worlds appearance. Sonic’s Dash now ends in a kick and his Down Smash has him kicking at both sides in a split position.
Sonic’s alternate costumes do more than just change his arm rings...mostly. One just has them turn purple, one has him turning a lighter shade of blue with ice-blue rings and another has him getting a grey-tint to his fur with silver arm-rings.


User Info: Pinxed

3 years ago#10
V. Newcomers

Rosalina and Luma

A rather unique character, Rosalina fights in tandem with a Luma for some wicked range game and combination attacks. Using her Luma Shot Neutral+B ability, Rosalina dispatches her star buddy across the stage. Charging the attack will send out Luma farther and more potently. From here, Luma wanders about and attacks separately from Rosalina with a host of its own distinct attacks. For example, Luma’s up tilt is a full-bodied uppercut, while Rosalina summons a Saturnian ring. This split-up tactic allows her to potentially attack two distant opponents at once or set up combos. Using Luma Shot again returns Luma to her side. As a graphical detail, Luma’s color (yellow, red, green, blue. metallic silver) is randomly chosen each time a new one is summoned, though yellow appears to be default. Like with Nana in the Ice Climbers, Luma can be KOed separately from Rosalina, greatly limiting her potential. Though unlike with Nana, a new one will appear after a brief period of time.

Rosalina’s Up Air has her perform a backflip as the cosmos spills from beneath her dress and her Down Air produces a planetary ring below the move’s point of origin.

Rosalina’s Side+B is Star Bits, which shoots a number of the titular fragments for a quick multihit attack. The bits always come from Luma whether it is near or close to its mistress. Rosalina’s Up+B is the Launch Star which springs her over long distances. Lastly, Rosalina’s down+B is the probably broken Gravitational Pull. This pulls in items closer to her and warps the effects of projectiles around her rendering them useless.

Her Final Smash is Power Star in which a large star centered on her triggering position fires comets all about the stage having them ricochet off of platforms and walls. The attack ends with a rather large explosion launching all enemies within its range.

Rosalina taunts by having her and Luma spin around in unison. Another taunt has her brandishing her wand while putting her other hand on her hip and yet another sees he bow down and gesture as she and Luma slowly rise upward. Rosalina’s entrance animation has her stream in on a comet-like beam of light.

One of Roz’s alternate costumes is a white dress with red trim similar to an inverse of her Fire Outfit from Super Mario 3D World. She also possesses bright yellow and pink dresses.

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