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Everything there is to know about SSB4 ~ Guide by ShinyMasamuneZ ~ 2014-07-28

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User Info: Pinxed

3 years ago#11
V. Newcomers


The sixth gen water starter makes his debut appearance in Smash. Some of his A-attacks seem to include slashing with water swords and striking with his tongue-scarf while crouching. They also involve rapid martial arts strikes with his hands and sliding across the ground. He also appears to have a devastating down aerial that launches him upwards after impact allowing for repeated assault.

His special techniques include the Water Shuriken which can be charged for further knockback and more hits. His Up+B, Waterfall, launches him upward in discrete increments similar to Pikachu’s Quick Attack. He has a Substitute Down+B manuever where he teleports out of harm leaving a doll in his place. I’m not sure if he automatically counterattacks after this or not. His Side+B is Shadow Sneak which charges a shadow Greninja forward. When released, Greninja warps to the location of the shadow damaging all within the path.

Greninja’s Final Smash involves stunning nearby foes with a plank of wood and then launching them high into the air. He then unleashes a flurry of strikes DBZ-style from all sides and then finishes them with a Meteor Strike as a full moon glows in the background in a rather dramatic interpretation of Night Slash?

Greninja has a wicked awesome red alt-color costume, a less exciting pink one and one based on the black Shiny coloration.

Greninja’s taunts involve standing on one leg in a meditative position while spouting fountains of water from his hands, crouching low and licking around and standing straight up whilst moving his hands in a ninja-y jutsu formation.

Greninja’s victory pose has him lunging forward and then posing on one leg with his hands aligned in a martial arts stance.


User Info: Pinxed

3 years ago#12
V. Newcomers


She alights -- which is a word that has nothing to do with light, but instead it involves landing after flying! The more you know!!! She has a cool running animation where she just floats above the stage similar to Magus of Chrono Trigger fame. Palutena has a wide variety of attacks using her staff and divine magic. Some of her A-moves might include:

•A multi-hit staff spin attack (Forward tilt?)

•A multi-hit staff attack where she uses the crystal on her staff to unleash magic (Neutral A?)

•An upward kick that launches targets over her (Back Throw)

•A dashing shield bash (Dash A)

•A vertical beam of light encompasses the whole of the screen and sends foes upward (Up Smash)

•An aerial staff spin attack that hits on both sides (Neutral Air?)

•Hitting foes on either side with spectral wings (Down Smash?)

Palutena’s customization options differ from the rest of the characters in the game in that she can obtain completely new abilities by swapping others out. It’s unclear if Palutena shouts out the names of her attacks when she uses them or if that was done just for the trailer. Here’s a list of all her specials with a best guess for their B-button mapping.

Heavenly Light -- A massive aura of light envelops the stage and hits foes with no flinch (Neutral B)

Celestial Fireworks -- Raises her hand and multi-hits a target upwards as her dazzling pyrotechnics explode (Neutral B)

Explosive Flame -- Palutena points her staff and the target explodes in a red blast (Neutral B)

Auto Reticle -- She locks on to nearby enemies and a bunch of laser blast home in on the target (Side B)

Super Speed -- She dashes forward dealing damage to all in the path (Side B)

Angelic Missile -- Launches forward head first Luigi style (Side B)

Warp -- She teleports horizontally across the stage. Trajectory can possibly be changes with Control Stick (Up B)

Rocket Jump -- Palutena launches upward and flames burst from both sides from her initial position (Up B)

Jump Glide -- Palutena launches upward and floats gently horizontally after reaching the arc of the trajectory (Up B)

Reflect -- Very similar to Pit’s Down+B from Brawl. (Down B)

Counter -- She takes a page from the Fire Emblem characters (Down B)

Lightweight -- She summons a mystic aura and becomes incredibly fleet of floot (faster than Sonic). May also increase jumping ability as per the Bunny Hood. (Down B)

Palutena’s Final Smash is the combo of Black Hole and Mega Laser which first draws enemies helpless into the epicenter of the hole and then fries them with a massive red beam.


User Info: Pinxed

3 years ago#13
V. Newcomers


Fire Emblem: Awakening’s player avatar makes an appearance in the game as a combination magic and swordfighter. When not casting wicked spells, he utilizes swords in such attacks as a low slash from crouching position (Down+A?), an electrified aerial swipe (Forward Aerial) and a three-hit combo ending in a fiery explosion. He is billed as using mainly the Levin Blade, but has also been viewed holding a more basic shortsword. The Levin Blade is utilized at least in Robin’s Forward Smash and Forward Aerial attacks, but has a limited number of uses. Once broken, he can only use a weaker Bronze Sword until his more powerful blade has recharged.

Robin’s special attacks seem to be based on the spells found in tomes throughout the Fire Emblem series. He is able to use varying levels of thunder elemental spells for his Neutral B. Thunder shocks foes with a quick horizontal bolt with low knockback. Elthunder seems to be similar but packs more of a punch. Arcthunder stuns enemies with multiple hits with a cross-shaped animation before exploding them out further. Lastly, Thoron hits as a massive linear bolt that encompasses the stage with massive knockback. These four spells are part of the same charging continuum -- hitting B once starts the charging and the second press releases the spell. The charge can be cancelled and stored by using shield or a dodge roll.

He also possesses Arcfire which has a “falling” trajectory and deals multihit damage similar in fashion to Ness’s PK Fire. Elwind sends downward crescent-shaped wisps of air to hit foes from above. Elwind also sends Robin upwards a significant amount and hence it functions as his Up+B recovery. Nosferatu is a Down+B deals multihit damage at close range, can be held down, heals Robin in small amounts and seems to do more damage when striking an enemy from behind.

Robin functions under a Tome-based mechanic. Apparently, he only has a limited number of uses from each tome before he must be forced to fight purely melee. It is unclear if there is a recharge time between obtaining spells once again or if he is on his own from that point on. It is also possible the more powerful versions of certain spells take up more “charges” of the Tome limit. Each special attack (B move) corresponds to a different tome and it is possible that while holding different tomes -- his A moves will be different. A clip shows him using a close range air magic attack at one point.

Robin’s Final Smash is what I am calling “Best Buddies” [or "Pair Up"]: he summons Chrom and then they both go to town on the target in a multi-hit orgy of magic and swordplay.

Robin’s Taunts involve telekinetically spinning his sword and tome around in front of him and spinning his sword about in a flourish and ending in a raised-arm pose.

Robin’s default costume is a male blonde version, though the female blonde version is also shown to be playable. It seems likely that alt-colors based on the other hair-color and/or skin choices from Awakening will be options.


User Info: Pinxed

3 years ago#14
V. Newcomers

Little Mac

Little Mac’s moveset unsurprisingly consists of a large amount of punches which can be comboed into quick strings of powerful attacks. He likely has some of the strongest smash attacks in the game and can even vary them: by tilting the control stick on his Side Smash, Mac can alter it into an Uppercut or a Downward Hook. He is strongest when on the ground, however, his air game is quite weak and he is especially vulnerable in aerial combat. It is shown that his Up Air may have juggling potential and that he has the ability to wall jump.

As he both takes and deals damage, his uniquely-Mac Power Meter charges. When fully charged, his Neutral+B attack becomes the K.O. Punch which almost always guarantees an instant finish. The gameplay videos showed that this is not always the case due to obstacles or low enough percentage. If it misses or is not used in time, the meter returns to being empty. When the meter is not full, the Neutral+B is the Straight Lunge which can be charged to increase its range. It allows seems to bestow him Super Armor for the duration of the charge. This ability seems useful to allow Mac to quickly close distances for his otherwise close-range arsenal.

Other B-attacks include the Side+B, Jolt Haymaker which launches him forward with a powerful punch whilst simultaneously air dodging oncoming attacks. The Rising Uppercut Up+B hits multiple times in a straight vertical trajectory, though is quite lousy for recovering. Down+B is a Slip Counter where Mac dodges an attack and then promptly hits back.

Mac transforms into Giga Mac for his Final Smash and gains increased power and increased knockback resistance at the loss of speed.

Mac has an alternate costume in his green Wireframe form seen in the original Punch Out!!! game. He can also wear his pink training hoodie and sweatpants and has another alt color with striped white and blue shorts. His alternate colorations include yellow and blue with red-trimmed tanktops. Another alt color has him in a white tank top with white gloves and sporting a championship belt.

Little Mac’s taunts involve stretching his arms forward, punching rapidly toward the screen and then posing as well as winding up and launching his fist toward the screen.

One of Little Mac’s victory dances has him shadow boxing with Doc Louis and then box of them victoriously posing to the front of the screen with their fists raised. His entrance animation has him ripping off his pink hoodie and sweats as he preps for the fight. I would love to see him to this while fighting in the hoodie alt costume.


User Info: Pinxed

3 years ago#15
V. Newcomers


The Villager from Animal Crossing appears for the first time in both his male and female forms for costumes. Villager’s A-attacks are rife with objects used in the Animal Crossing games. His dash attack drops flower pots on his enemies -- said pots continue to fall if they are over open space causing them to deal damage in their path. His Up Smash launches fireworks directly overhead. His Down Smash uses a shovel which can trap foes in a pitfall upon contact. He can furthermore drop bowling balls downward using his Forward Smash and fling slingshot bullets while airborne. His up and down air attacks hit opponents with a variable number of turnips in some sort of bizarre economic commentary. In addition, his Up, Down and Forward tilts involve hitting with a stick, pulling up weeds and hitting with an umbrella respectively.

The Villager’s throws involve the use of a bug-catching net.

His Neutral+B attack is Pocket which allows him to grab items on the stage and re-summon them at a later time. This could be useful for storing healing items until they are gravely needed. Pocket also captures projectiles and allows them to be directed back at their source (or elsewhere) with a second use of the ability. Villager embraces the soul of Balloon Fight for his Up+B which allows him flit about the stage until the duration ends or both of his two balloons are popped. His Side+B is the Lloid Rocket where a stone gyroid thing appears and is launched forward at the height it was set at. Villager can ride the rocket to victory in order to clear distance on the stage or as a potential recovery.

His Down+B move Timber -- plants, grows and chops down a tree on the field. When the tree pops up, it can knockback enemies. The downed tree can fall onto opponents for significant damage or the Villager can go green and keep it up to block projectiles. The splinters of the fallen tree can be picked up and thrown as projectile items. Furthermore, there is a period after chopping the tree down where Villager can attack players with the axe like the murderous puppet-child he is.

Villager builds a Dream Home as a Final Smash, which traps an opponent in place and has him take damage as nails and splinters are driven into him during construction. Then the house explodes as Tom Nook and his nephews dance about gaily.

His taunts involve jumping and bowing excitedly, happily dancing the twist and poking at the ground with a stick. Villager’s entrance animation has him emerging from his house. Villager’s victory pose involves holding a net and showing off the awesome Atlas beetle s/he just caught.

Villager’s alternate forms include a pink-haired female form with a white flowered t-shirt, a male form wearing a black and yellow striped shirt and a browned-haired female form with a green shirt bearing a golf ball(?).


User Info: Pinxed

3 years ago#16
V. Newcomers

Wii Fit Trainer

Like with Villager, the Wii Fit Trainer comes in both male and female morphs. Her attacks blend acrobatic combat with yoga poses creating what is probably one of the most hated and loved newcomers for this game. She seems to be able to move around while in push-up position making her among the characters that can crawl. Her Up-Smash strikes upward in the tree pose, her Forward-Smash lunges forth to do the Warrior pose and lastly, her Down-Smash hits on both sides with an outstretched leg and arm from the floor. She has another attack which traps foes in a pitfall in a similar fashion to DK’s Headbutt.

Her Neutral+B is a chargeable Sun Salutation which can be unleashes as a glowing projectile. She can shimmy upward surrounded by Hula Hoops as her Up+B and her Down+B attack is called Deep Breathing. By charging up with Deep Breathing, her subsequent attacks can be strengthened. It is possible that by more accurately hitting the target with this move, one can increase the effectiveness. Her Side+B is the ability to head a soccer ball which will remain on stage for further shenanigans.

Her Final Smash, Wii Fit, sends forth a cone of holographic energy yoga poses that blast at all opponents caught within.

Her taunts include stretching her arm across her body, stretching her body over to the side and going into a splits position and you guessed it...stretching.

Wii Fit Trainers alternate colors feature both the male and female versions in a grey and blue standard form and one with a lime green coloration.

Wii Fit Trainer’s entrance pose has her stepping fancifully off of a Balance Board.


[Originally an alt costume, Lucina receives her own slots due to her differences from Marth]. However, due to her home-game tendencies to imitate a certain legendary hero, she lacks her own moveset and is instead a clone of Marth. Her moves are identical (with some new animations thrown in), but she lacks the sweet spot of Marth’s tip (phrasing!) and instead has her power concentrated throughout the body of the sword.

It seems that players are able to don her mysterious mask as an alt-costume. The mask can be taken on or off using one of her taunts. I’m hoping they give her an alt costume based on the cel-shaded appearance from Awakening.


User Info: Pinxed

3 years ago#17
V. Newcomers

Mii Fighters

You are in Smash Brothers now! It seems all those who wanted Goku in Smash also get the last laugh! Yes, Miis are in Smash...and...they actually look kind of cool. There are three varieties -- the Brawler, the Swordfighter and the Gunner. The Brawler is a swift melee fistfighter, the Sword Fighter roughs people up with his blade and the Gunner has a laser cannon arm. In addition, the Fighters’ stats will be based off of their physical heights and weights: a smaller fighter will be faster and lighter while larger ones will pack more power. Presumably, this will also affect their hitboxes.

Like with Palutena, each type of Mii Fighter has three customizable possibles that are wildly different. This gives the Miis altogether 36 specialized attacks between the three varieties.

The Brawler has a Captain Falcon-like repeated kick attack as well as a Smash Attack that hits on both sides with a simultaneous punch and back kick. He also possesses a rising uppercut attack

Brawler’s potential special attacks can include throwing a Shot Put as a Neutral+B. He dashes forward with a knee attack as a Forward+B called Onslaught. He can rise upwards for a Flying Axe Kick and rocket straight downwards using Head-on Assault as the Up+B and Down+B respectively.

At this point, one can only speculate on the rest of the Brawler’s specials, but the other Neutral+B’s appear to be some sort of backflip kick and a backward kick that is possibly chargeable. The Side+B’s could be a flaming flying kick and a downward slam with both hands. The Up+B’s are a spinning jump kick and a rising uppercut and the Down+B’s are a diagonal dropkick or a mult-ihit kick.

The Swordfighter fights using a sword and shield and attacks in a similar fashion as Link -- even borrowing his Down Aerial attack. He utilizes projectile attacks such as Shurikens of Light, Chakrams and Gale Strikes. Only the Chakrams are mapped to Side+B and can have their angle altered or be set to spin still in mid-air. The other two are likely mapped to Neutral+B to obtain a wide range of projectile options. He was also observed to use a rising diagonal slash attack which seems to be a likely candidate for an Up+B.

The Gunner attacks using a wide variety of ranged attacks from the high-tech laser mounted on its arm. The Gunner’s side smash is a long-range flurry of projectiles. The Up Aerial for the Gunner shoots a blue flurry of projectiles straight upward. One attack at the gunner’s disposal is the charge shot, but it is unknown if it will be a Smash attack like Mega Man’s or a special attack like with Samus. The Gunner’s Final Smash might involve the summoning of two sub-cannons which charge and fire a long-range, long-duration laser.

All Miis have a large variety of customizable clothing which includes cowboy hats, top hats, fancy magician/dandy clothes, Tron-esque costumes, straw hats, hibiscus flowers in hair and football helmets and pads. The Mii Force helmet is also a possible choice for sprucing up your Mii. It is unknown if these equipments are merely aesthetic or if they bestow some stat changes. It is known that the Gunner’s arm-cannon will change its appearance depending on the clothing being worn.


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3 years ago#18
V. Newcomers


Capcom’s Blue Bomber finally makes it to Smash! His walking and jumping animations are taken from his original NES appearances and his attacks are mostly derived from the ones he borrowed from the Robot Masters.

His A-attack is his rapid fire Mega Buster which is done from a distance and can be used even while moving and neutrally airborne.. The classic Charge Buster from MM4 on can be accessed as a Forward Smash. Megaman’s Down Smash is the Flame Blast which hits on both sides and his Up Smash is the Spark Shooter of MM3 fame. Mega Man’s Up Tilt will be his Mega Upper technique from Marvel Vs. Capcom and The Power Fighters. Mega Man can also slide into a Charge Kick probably using a down tilt.

Mega Man’s aerials are quite diverse: his down air shot a Hard Knuckle which can be used as a Meteor Strike. The up air fires an Air Shooter from MM2 as several small tornados. The forward and back aerials are melee attacks based on the Slash Claw and Flame Sword from MM7 and MM8 respectively. Mega Man can use Top Spin as a Dash attack.

Mega Man’s Neutral+B is the Metal Blade which can be thrown in any of the 8 main directions to deal very weak projectile damage. They can also be caught and thrown back by other players. His Side+B is the Crash Bomb which are projectiles that remain stuck to players or other surfaces before exploding in a manner similar to the Gooey Bomb. The Rush Coil Up+B launches Mega Man up as a recovery when he makes contact with his robo-canine companion. Rush may tend to run around on his own accord after being summoned. The Leaf Shield is the Down+B and can absorb projectiles before being launched at opponents.

Mega Man’s Throw animations are based on Guts Man’s attack: Super Arm and apparently his throws have a large range.

The Final Smash is Mega Man Legends in which he summons Mega Man X, Volnutt, .EXE, and Omega-Xis together for a powerful team blast. It’s pretty much the greatest thing ever.

Mega Man’s alternate costumes at least include a red and grey coloration similar to when using the Magnet Missile, a green and grey one similar to when using Search Snake and a grey and yellow variant similar to when using Elec Man’s power.

Mega Man’s taunts include one where he teleports away and back to the stage, finishing with a little pose. He also has one where he faces away from the stage and points his buster downward towards the screen and one where he draws his buster arm across his body and then moves his elbow down in a confident pose.

His victory pose has him teleporting down and landing with both arms to his side. He finishes by stepping forward with one fist forward and his other arm reaching open-handed to the side.


User Info: Pinxed

3 years ago#19
V. Newcomers


Namco’s most recognizable character makes his appearance in the Smash world! Pac-Man bears his look from the Pac-Man World series of games and uses a hodgepodge of techniques from his console and arcade appearances as well as some coming from some old school Namco titles.

Pac-Man’s standard A combo seems to be a punch-punch-backflip kick technique. His down aerial looks to be a multi-hit stomp kick similar in function to Yoshi’s attack of the same type. His up aerial is a crescent punch above and his forward aerial is a sex kick. Pac-Man’s smashes seem to utilize ghosts -- his Forward Smash hits with a single ghost while his Down Smash hits with ghosts on both sides. A dash attack has him transform into his chomping ball form to snap at his opponents.

Pac-Man’s Neutral+B is Bonus Fruit which is charged and cycled thru the fruits that appeared in the original Pac-Man game. The order is the same that is found in said game: cherry, strawberry, orange, apple, melon, Galaxian spaceship and presumably bell and key. After the orange, the charge power doubles and each kind of fruit can be thrown with different effects. The Galaxian ship for example, flies about in circular arcs as it homes in on an opponent.

Pac-Man’s Up+B summons the Trampoline from Mappy which can be used up to three times before vanishing. Its color changes from blue to orange to red as it is successively used. The red version breaks without bouncing the player who stepped on it. His side B has him turn into his ball form and follow a path of Pac-Dots. Lastly, Pac-Man’s likely Down+B summons a Fire Hydrant which acts as a platform, shoots pushing waters in both directions and can be launched into opponents by hitting it.

His Final Smash is a Massive Classic Pac-Man which grows giant and chows down on whatever is in its path.

Pac-Man’s taunts might include winking and giving a thumbs up and/or lying down on his side in a sultry pose. Another taunt involves him lounging face down on the ground as two of the ghosts circle above his head. A third taunt is Namco Roulette which has him displaying in hand various Namco characters and objects including: Galaga spaceships, Mappy, Clovis from the obscure title Dragon Buster, Pookas from Dig Dug, Red Baron from Sky Kid, Don from Taiko no Tatsujin and both the player’s spaceship and the enemy mothership from Xevious.


User Info: Pinxed

3 years ago#20
VI. Stages

For more information on stages, please view the Doc.

Wii U Stages

Final Destintion
Boxing Ring
Town and City
Garden of Hope
Palutena's Temple
Pilot Wings
Dr. Wily's Castle
Mushroom Kingdom U
Mario Galaxy
Windy Hill
Wii Fit Studio
Kalos Pokémon League
Great Fox?

3DS Stages

Spirit Train
Gerudo Valley
Reset Bomb Forest
Prism Tower
Rainbow Road
3D Land
Golden Plains
Living Room
Tortimer Island
Find Mii
Arena Ferox
Balloon Fight
Tomodachi House
Jungle Japes

VII. Items

Assist Trophies

•Lyndis (Fire Emblem)

•Hammer Bro. (Super Mario Bros.)

•Lakitu (Super Mario Bros.)

•Samurai Goroh (F-Zero)

•Waluigi (Super Mario Bros.)

•Stafy (Adventure of Stafy)

•Tingle (Legend of Zelda)

•Knuckle Joe (Kirby Super Star)

•Saki (Sin and Punishment)

•Andross (Star Fox)

•Metroid (Metroid)

•Devil (Devil World)

•Dr. Wright (Sim City)

•Shadow (Sonic the Hedgehog)

•Skull Kid -- (Zelda: Majora’s Mask) -- Flips the stage so that it is upside-down; similar in fashion to Parasite Queen effect from Brawl.

•Mother Brain -- (Metroid) -- Huge AT; fires a conical rainbow laser which traps and damages players. Surrounded by ring-like Rinka enemies, these may deal damage to nearby players.

•Midna -- (Zelda: Twilight Princess) -- Teleports about the stage and grapples and flings players with her hair-hand

•Ashley -- (WarioWare) -- Creates a purple magic cloud which bestows ill effects such as shrinking

•Dark Samus -- (Metroid Prime 2) -- Fires a volley of blue projectiles and then springs a bunch of blue energy tentacles from the ground in the immediate area. She can also summon three large orbs and send them across the stage homing in on enemies.

•Chain Chomp -- (Super Mario Bros.) -- Remains staked on the ground, lunges out and bites players within its reach

•Isabelle -- (Animal Crossing: New Leaf) -- Blocks projectiles and attacks and drops fruit and food as she is hit

•Elec Man -- (Mega Man) -- Runs about stage and launches his signature weapon which shoots electric bolts forward and directly upward and downward

•Color TV-Game 15 -- (Color TV-Game 15) -- It’s Pong. Pong paddles and scores appear and launch a ball which bounces back and forth damaging any players in the path.

•Dillon -- (Rolling Western) -- Dillon curls up into a ball and spins about the stage.

•Phosphora -- (Kid Icarus: Uprising) -- Currently unknown. Launches electricity or something probably.

•Magnus -- (Kid Icarus: Uprising) -- Lugs around his big sword and hits people -- he seems capable of dodging attacks with a spot dodge-like technique and can be attacked as if he were a player

•Takamaru -- (Mysterious Murasame Castle) -- Throws pinwheel knives (double-ended kunai) in three directions at once

•Galaga Spaceships? -- (Galaga) -- Flies around the stage and possibly shoots and uses the tractor beam

•Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde? -- (Pac-Man) -- The ghosts swarm about the stage and move in wide patterns

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