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Everything there is to know about SSB4 ~ Guide by ShinyMasamuneZ ~ 2014-07-28

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User Info: Pinxed

3 years ago#21
VII. Items


•Meowth (Pay Day) -- Shoots coins forward in narrow cone, not as a short aura as in SSB64

•Electrode (Explosion) -- Like in previous versions, can be picked up and thrown

•Goldeen (Splash)

•Staryu (Swift)

•Snorlax (Body Slam)

•Moltres (Overheat)

•Mew (Float up in a bubble and make all the players go...ooooh)

•Togepi (Metronome)

•Bellossom (Sleep Powder)

•Entei (Fire Spin)

•Suicune (Aurora Beam)

•Lugia (Aeroblast)

•Gardevoir (Reflect)

•Metagross (Earthquake)

•Latias and Latios (Steel Wing)

•Deoxys (Hyper Beam)

•Kyogre (Hydro Pump)

•Arceus (Judgment?) -- God rears up on his hind legs and slams down with crescents of force from all sides. They inflict a Meteor Smash on airborne players.

•Eevee (Tackle) -- Looks cute for a bit and then suddenly pounces

•Fennekin (Ember) -- Skits about the stage shooting small fireballs which hold targets in place similar to Ness’s PK Fire

•Meloetta (Echoed Voice?) -- Sings a bit and has a bunch of sonic energy balls fire off and reflect off of walls, floors and ceilings

•Gogoat (Take Down) -- Gogoat charges across the stage. It can be ridden and attacks can be used while mounted.

•Palkia (Spatial Rend) -- Slashes forward and turns the screen upside down. Pokeball version of Skull Kid, basically.

•Kyurem (Ice Burn or Blizzard) -- Freezes all enemies within adjacent distance and then unleashes a massive torrent of icy wind on both sides

•Victini (Victory Star?) -- Flies up in a spiral and then makes an aura in the shape of a glowing star. It bestows the player who threw the Pokeball with a red aura that increases damage and knockback of attacks for a brief period of time.

•Keldeo (Sacred Sword) -- Keldeo runs and jumps around the stage, slashing opponents with a massive energy horn

•Xerneas (Geomancy?) -- Flowers and leaves sprout in an aura around Xerneas and the player who activated the Pokeball is given a blue aura. The precise effects are unknown.

•Genesect (Techno Blast) -- Bounces around the stage shooting several powerful blasts from its back cannon

•Dedenne (Thunder Shock?) -- Electric beams rotate a short radius in an “x-pattern’ from the mouse and deal damage to those who make contact

•Darkrai (Dark Void) -- Those caught in the dark aura will be put to sleep after being dealt a heap of damage

•Oshawott (Surf) -- Rides a wave forward to push foes caught in its wake across the stage; likely replaces Piplup

•Fletchling (Peck) -- Flies and hops about the stage, attacking those it makes contact with

•Abomasnow (Blizzard/Ice Punch) -- Whips up a frosty aura which damages and freezes all it makes contact with. Will also dash across the stage, uppercutting opponents into the air.

•Chespin (Seed Bomb) -- Remains stationary while throwing seeds around in a small radius creating explosions from all sides

•Inkay (Headbutt) -- Flips upside-down and dive bombs the stage several times. Players caught near the impact will be forced to trip

•Giratina (Ominous Wind?) -- fires a massive dark tornado to the right and the again to the left

•Spewpa (Stun Spore?) -- Crawls about the stage and unleashes green powder when hit. The powder induces a stun effect similar to that of ZSS’s phaser.

•Snivy (Razor Leaf) -- Fires a continuous stream of sharp leaves in one direction for a short period of time

•Swirlix and Zoroark are also confirmed to be in the game, though it is unsure if they will be Pokeball Pokemon or some kind of trophy or stage dressing.


User Info: Pinxed

3 years ago#22
IIV. Items (continued)

Other Items

•Banana Peel (Mario Kart)

•Barrels (Donkey Kong) -- Still come in gift-wrapped and futuristic variants depending on the stage

•Blast Box (Super Smash Bros.)

•Bob-Omb (Super Mario Bros.)

•Bunny Hood (Zelda: Majora’s Mask)

•Crates (Super Smash Bros.)

•Deku Nut (Zelda: Ocarina of Time)

•Fire Flower (Super Mario Bros.)

•Food (Super Smash Bros.)

•Franklin Badge (Earthbound)

•Freezie (Mario Bros.)

•Golden Hammer (Wrecking Crew)

•Gooey Bomb (Super Smash Bros.)

•Green Shell (Super Mario Bros.)

•Hammer (Donkey Kong)

•Hothead (Super Mario World)

•Lightning Bolt (Mario Kart)

•Lip’s Stick (Panel de Pon)

•Maxim Tomato (Kirby’s Dream Land)

•Metal Box (Super Mario 64)

•Mr. Saturn (Earthbound)

•Party Ball (Super Smash Bros.)

•Pitfall (Animal Crossing)

•Poison Mushroom (Super Mario Bros. 2: The Lost Levels)

•Sandbag (Super Smash Bros.)

•Screw Attack (Super Metroid)

•Smart Bomb (Star Fox 64)

•Smash Ball (Super Smash Bros.)

•Soccer Ball (Super Mario Strikers)

•Spring (Donkey Kong)

•Star Rod (Kirby’s Adventure)

•Starman (Super Mario Bros.)

•Super Mushroom (Super Mario Bros.)

•Super Scope (SNES peripheral)

•Superspicy Curry (Kirby’s Dream Land)

•Team Healer (Super Smash Bros.)

•Timer (Super Smash Bros.)

•Unira (Clu Clu Land)

•Warp Star (Kirby’s Dream Land)

•Beam Sword (Super Smash Bros.) -- now features graduated colors for a hazier, beam effect

•Bumper (Super Smash Bros.) -- now features an accentuated Smash logo on a pink background. Its inclusion means that Flippers are not returning!

•Capsule (Super Smash Bros.) -- now is just a little fatter and shorter

•Dragoon (Kirby Air Ride) -- has a more detailed look to the targeting screen which now features a circular reticule as well as red symbols which guide the eye to the center

•Heart Container (Zelda: Skyward Sword) -- now bears the design of the game I just said

•Home Run Bat (Super Smash Bros.) -- now black with a yellow concentric circular design

•Motion Sensor Bomb (Super Smash Bros.) -- Now has a red core, with wicked-looking purple spikes surrounding the sides

•Ray Gun (Super Smash Bros.) -- Now has a barrel resembling the Smash logo such that it burns a laser-fueled stamp of said logo into its targets (not literally though)


User Info: Pinxed

3 years ago#23
VII. Items (continued)

New Items

•Back Shield (Kid Icarus: Uprising) -- floats behind a character and negates the effects of projectiles

•Beetle (Zelda: Skyward Sword) -- launches forward as a projectile and carries opponents to their one-hit KO deaths. It is however, potentially escape if a player either wiggles our of it or if the trajectory is interrupted by an attack

•Blue Shell (Mario Kart) -- when thrown, it hovers toward the character who is currently winning the match. There is a waiting time before it crashes down on its target. It is adaptive so if a character takes the lead during the waiting time, the shell will switch targets.

•Bombchu (Zelda: Ocarina of Time) -- when thrown, it travels along the contours of the stages until it makes contact with an enemy or explodes on its own accord

•Boomerang (Super Mario 3D Land) -- When thrown it returns after hitting a target or reaching its maximum distance. It becomes stronger with each throw, but can be caught by a vigilant opponent.

•Bullet Bill (Mario Kart) -- When activated, the player turns into a Bullet Bill and launches straight ahead in the chosen direction

•Chest (Super Smash Bros.?) -- It’s not certain what it does, but it likely is another item container. Knowing Sakurai, I wouldn’t be surprised if this thing can go Mimicutie on us

•Cuccos (Legend of Zelda) -- They cluck and flutter about the stage. When attacked, they go demon-chicken on everybody and swarm the stage in a frenzy

•Drill Arm (Kid Icarus: Uprising) -- Projectile weapon that launches forward dealing multi-hit damage to anything in its path

•Fairy Bottle (Legend of Zelda) -- Healing item that heals an currently unknown amount of damage greater than or equal to 100%. Unlike past healing items, it can be picked up and held. It may not trigger until the holder reaches over 100% damage.

•Firebar (Super Mario Bros.) -- Melee weapon with a fixed number of hits. It becomes shorter with each swing which is visually represented by one of the five fireballs being extinguished

•Gust Bellows (Zelda: Skyward Sword) -- Shoots horizontal wind blasts to push opponents back. When dropped, it apparently goes berserk releasing winds every which way.

•Hocotate Bomb (Pikmin) -- A miniature (or enlarged..depending on your viewpoint) version of Olimar’s spaceship. When activated, it rockets upward dealing multi-hit damage to anyone it contacts. It then crashes down upon the stage dealing explosive damage.

•Honeycomb (Animal Crossing) -- Throw it and release the epic power of bees. When thrown, bees will swarm out of the hive stinging nearby enemies

•Killer Eye (Kid Icarus: Uprising) -- When set, it acts as a turret and blasts anyone in its sight. It can be attacked and doing so may knock it over or turn it around allowing it to shoot at different angles

•Ore Club (Kid Icarus: Uprising) -- Powerful melee item which sometimes may release tornados which sweep across the stage

•POW Block (Mario Bros.) -- When thrown onto the ground it damages all foes on the same platform as it collided. Like other iterations from stages, it will has three uses and will flatten as it is used up

•Rocketbelt (Pilotwings) -- Straps onto characters backs and allows for increased recovery while jumping

•Special Flag (Rally-X) -- A Namco based item. I have no idea what it does.

•Steel Diver (Steel Diver) -- A submarine shaped gun. It fires accelerating torpedos


User Info: Pinxed

3 years ago#24
VII. Items (continued)

New Items (continued)

•Super Leaf (Super Mario Bros.) -- Gives the player who obtains it a nice Tanooki tail. It allows players to float (unsure if like Peach or like gliding) by using the jump buttons. The final version of the game may allow players to gain a spinning tail attack, but this is uncertain.

•X Bomb -- (Kid Icarus: Uprising) -- When activated, it stops in mid-air and then explodes into massive lasers which span out in either a “plus” or “x” shape depending on its final orientation
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User Info: MickeyRocksa

3 years ago#26
STITCH 3ds FC: 4141-2356-8625 pm me 1st
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User Info: MickeyRocksa

3 years ago#27
VIII. Game Modes

The 3ds Menu

The 3ds menu has a similar appearance to that of brawl and Kid Icarus Uprising

.Smash - Various Single and Multiplayer modes

.Online - Fight against people around the world

.Challenge - Achievements most likely otherwise a modified Event Mode

- There are also icons for Streetpass and connecting with the Wiiu (Most likely for the transfer of Amibo stats and equipment)

- There is also a wrench icon for games and more content that will likely hold mini games, records, and options

- the bottom screen will display specific options for each mode

Intensity Settings

Taken from the Kid Icarus: Uprising players can raise the intensity of the game by betting their hard earned coins. Intensities range from 0.1 to 9 in increments of a tenth for 99 possible levels of intensity. The values of the rewards increase as the intensity increases beyond 2.1

VS Mode

On the 3ds version the bottom screen displays characters' portraits as well as their accumulated damage. Players names will appear above their percentage numbers and by tapping on one of the player's columns will highlight the character on the battle screen (top screen) " Flower Smash " is the name of an optional VS setting. I'd guess that players have their health gradually drained away by flowers throughout the match.


STITCH 3ds FC: 4141-2356-8625 pm me 1st
Everything in the world needs an intensity cauldron

User Info: MickeyRocksa

3 years ago#28

Classic Mode

A brief clip of Kirby defeating Master Hand was shown. It seems unlikely that they’d break tradition at this point, but who knows.

Adventure Mode?

It is stated there there will be no full-fledged Adventure mode as in the Subspace Emissary, but a smaller version such as that found in Melee may not be out of the question. One possible evidence for this is a map-like screen shown where Mario has the choice of entering a Star Fox, Megaman or Pokemon themed-area. Trophies are strain about the paths and can be collected presumably by walking over them. The nature of the areas is unknown -- it is possible this is just a retooling of Classic mode.

Smash Run (3DS only)

This new competitive multiplayer mode features a Great Maze-like massive area which players can traverse. Here they defeat enemies and challenges in order to obtain power-ups and other equipment. Players will be placed on the playing field simultaneously, though the goal is not fight each other...yet anyway.

There is a five minute time limit to collect power-ups.
Power-ups include Speed (Green Boot), Attack (Orange Fist), Defense (Blue Shield), Jump (Yellow Wing), Special (Red Starburst) and Arms (Purple Hammer).

Each type of power-up increases the corresponding stat by that amount. Arms increases projectile damage, throw effectiveness and damage with items. The physical size of the power-ups directly correlates with the size of the boost. Once the time limit is up, the players are forced into a battle where all of the boosts and items collected are taken into account. May the strongest win!

Special Equippable Items can be collected can be collected and equipped during the final battle. Equippable Items can be leveled up (or have different levelings signifying their power) at least to level 4

Known powers include:

. Power Bomb (Creates an explosion which covers a large portion of the screen)
. Horizon Beam (Fires a massive Beam)
. Health Recovery (Recover a fixed percentage of damage )
. Brief Invincibility (Invulnerable for a short amount of time)
. Payback
. Rocketbelt (Summons the Rocket Belt Item)
. Strong Throw
. Shocking Taunt
. Beam Sword (Summons the Beam Sword Item)
. Bullet Guidance
. Homing Missiles (Fires a volley of Missles Which home in on enemies)
. Heavenly Light (Surrounds user in aura of light, damaging nearby opponents)
. Ray Gun ( Summons Ray Gun Item)

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User Info: MickeyRocksa

3 years ago#29

Power-Ups can be obtained by fighting a variety of enemies from all series represented in Smash and then some. Defeating stronger enemies will result in greater rewards. These enemies include:

. Banzai Bill (Super Mario World)
. Bullet Bill and Blaster (Super Mario Bros.)
. Bonkers (Kirby Super Star)
. Boom Stomper (Kid Icarus: Uprising)
. Bronto Burt (Kirby’s Dream Land)
. Bulborb (Pikmin)
. Bumpety Bomb (Kid Icarus: Uprising)
. Chandelure (Pokemon Black and White)
. Clubberskull (Kid Icarus: Uprising)
. Cryogonal (Pokemon Black and White)
. Cucco (Legend of Zelda)
. Daphne (Kid Icarus: Uprising)
. Darknut (Zelda: Twilight Princess)
. Deku Scrub (Zelda: Ocarina of Time)
. Eggrobo (Sonic and Knuckles) -- shoots laser beams!
. Flage (Kid Icarus: Uprising)
. Flame Chomp (Super Mario Bros. 3)
. Gastly (Pokemon Red and Blue)
. Glice (Subspace Emissary)
. Glire (Subspace Emissary)
. Glunder (Subspace Emissary)
. Goomba (Super Mario Bros.) -- comes in normal and ginormous varieties
. Gordo (Kirby’s Dream Land)
. Hammer Brother (Super Mario Bros.)
. Iridescent Glint Beetle (Pikmin) -- may drop further items or equipment when hit
. Kihunter (Metroid)
. Koffing (Pokemon Red and Blue)
. Koopa (Para)Troopa (Super Mario Bros.)
. Kritter (Donkey Kong Country)
. Lakitu (Super Mario Bros.) -- throws Spinies
. Magikoopa (Super Mario World)
. Mahva (Kid Icarus: Uprising)
. Megonta (Kid Icarus: Uprising)
. Metroid (Metroid)
. Mettaur (Mega Man)
. Mimicutie (Kid Icarus: Uprising)
. Mite (Subspace Emissary) -- destroy their portal to stop their advance
. Monoeye (Kid Icarus)
. Nutski (Kid Icarus: Uprising)
. Orne (Kid Icarus: Uprising)
. Peahat (Zelda: Ocarina of Time)
. Petilil (Pokemon Black and White)
. Plasma Wisp (Kirby Super Star)
. Poe (Zelda: Ocarina of Time)
. Polar Bear (Ice Climber)
. Pooka (Dig Dug)
. Poppant (Subspace Emissary)
. Reaper (Kid Icarus)
. Redead (Zelda: Ocarina of Time)
. Reo (Metroid)
. Roturret (Subspace Emissary)
. Shotzo (Kirby’s Dreamland)
. Shy Guy (Yoshi’s Island)
. Skuttler (Kid Icarus: Uprising)
. Sneaky Spirit (Rhythm Heaven)
. Souflee (Kid Icarus: Uprising)
. Spike Top (Super Mario Bros. 3)
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User Info: MickeyRocksa

3 years ago#30
. Stalfos (Zelda: Ocarina of Time)
. TAC (Kirby Super Star) -- his attacks may steal collected power-ups!
. Tiki Buzz (Donkey Kong Country Returns)
. Waddle Dee (Kirby’s Dreamland) -- also can wield parasols
. Waddle Doo (Kirby’s Dreamland)
. Yellow Ghost (Find Mii)
. Zoomer (Metroid)
. Zuree (Kid Icarus: Uprising)

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