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I am the Smash Bros Genie and i grant you 3 wishes for Smash Bros!

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User Info: Phrase-of-Eve

3 years ago#51
1.) I wish for this game to be a perfect blend of Brawl and Melee in terms of gameplay.
2.) I wish for the online to be absolutely amazing, so competitive players can have lots of fun with no hassle.
3.) I wish for all of my most wanted characters to be playable, regardless of how ridiculous or unlikely they are.

There ya' go!
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User Info: d-man202

3 years ago#52
Okay, I'll play your little game...
3. The game would be ready for release tomorrow.
2. To be able to bend the character roster as I please before I wish for the release date.
1. To have 6 unlockables of my choice pre-unlocked when I get my copy of the game.
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User Info: l33t_iRk3n_Rm33

3 years ago#53
Make Ashley playable, with a unique moveset based on potions, spells, lightning magic, and Red's forms.

Declone Lucina, I don't care how.

Bring back Squirtle, with his moveset taken straight from Project M besides the lack of a Final Smash.
"DLC is a tool to improve games. Like any tool it can be abused." - Wetstew

User Info: MegaPidgey

3 years ago#54
1) Perfect fun, fast gameplay even better than Melee.
2) Perfectly balanced roster featuring lots of unique movesets.
3) My most wanted characters.
Melee vs. Brawl:
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User Info: mutehero7

3 years ago#55
I wish for you to be free! Go, TC! Go and be free!
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User Info: HeavyLobsterXL

3 years ago#56
Add Timmy Turner's Dad.
Add Weegee.
Make my comic a stage.
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User Info: DarkKirby2500

3 years ago#57
Uncensored open text chat lagless open lobbies online.

Gardevoir is playable.

Lucina has a unique move set based on her moves in Awakening.

I gave up the wish to make sure the game favors offensive play in hopes it somehow does despite initial reports.
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User Info: typhlozard

3 years ago#58
Bring back Dr.Mario
Deconfirm Ridley
Make Isaac playable
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