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Should it Return? Day 33: Crazy Hand

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User Info: kidmf935

3 years ago#1
Should Crazy Hand return? (Don't forget to nominate something after voting!) - Results (105 votes)
95.24% (100 votes)
4.76% (5 votes)
This poll is now closed.
This is a series I'm doing called "Should it Return?" In this series, I'll go over game modes and other features, and everyone here can vote whether they should return for Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/ Wii U. You get one nomination per topic. It can be any feature (not a specific stage or character, though), such as Home Run Contest or event matches, but it has to be a feature that was in at least one Smash Bros. game before.

New format starting today! But hey, I liked the old format, and you may too, so it's still there!
Anyway, today's is pretty obvious- Master Hand's, well, crazy... other hand! Should he return? Vote now!
Wait! Don't go without nominating something!

Previous features by date:

Previous features by percentage:

Challenger Approaching Screen- 100% says it should return.
All-Star Mode- 97.5% says it should return.
Snapshots- 96.8% says they should return.
Classic Mode- 96.3% says it should return.
Unique Break the Targets Levels per Character- 96.12% says they should return.
Special Battles- 95.52% says they should return.
Sound Test- 94.92% says it should return.
Event Matches- 93.33% says they should return.
Break the Targets- 91.3% says it should return.
Credit Reel Shooting Game- 91.06% says it should return.
Adventure Mode (Melee)- 90.48% says it should return.
Board the Platforms- 90.32% says it should return.
Replays- 89.32% says they should return.
Unlockable Characters- 89.29% says they should return.
Boss Battles- 88.27% says it should return.
Multi-Man [Game Subtitle]- 87.78% says it should return.
Race to the Finish- 86.84% says it should return.
Kirby Hat Trophies- 86.21% says they should return.
Stage Creator- 84.85% says it should return.
Trophy Tussle- 84.78% says it should return.
Parasol- 81.18% says it should return.
Character Animations on the Character Select Screen- 79.39% says they should return.
Tournament Mode (Melee)- 77.42% says it should return.
Red Shell- 70.93% says it should return.
CDs- 70% says they should return.
Metal Mario and Giant DK- 68.29% says they should return.
Coin Battles- 66.67% says they should return.
Bonus Mode- 66% says it should return.
Coin Launcher- 54.17% says it should not return.
The Subspace Emissary- 55.47% says it should not return.
Masterpieces- 69.38% says they should not return.
Scrolling Stages- 69.49% says they should not return.
Stickers- 70.37% says they should not return.


Giga Bowser (Melee) x6
Tripping x6
N64 Congratulations Screens x6
Rotation Mode x6

DACUS (Dash Attack Canceled Up Smash) x5
Wavedashing x5

Melee Screw Attack x4
Bonuses x4
Cloaking Device x4

Red and Blue Trophies x3
Challenges x3
Increasing the Credit Speed with the Start Button x3
Training Mode x3
Wire Frames x3
Item Switch x3
Lottery x3

Running and Shooting x2
Smoke Ball x2

Dash dancing x1
Special Movie x1
Flipper x1
Team Battles (vs. ____ team maybe? I'll find a better name eventually) x1
Swimming x1
Chronicle x1
Barrel Cannon x1
Escape Sequence x1

As a reminder, please add in nominations when you vote, as opposed to just voting and leaving, as this is a series that runs off of nominations.
I hope attacking my opinion makes you feel better about yourself.
I typed random letters to get ''kidmf935.'' Really.

User Info: kidmf935

3 years ago#2
Does no one read the poll?
It specifically says, "Don't forget to nominate something after voting!"
How do 13 people miss that?
I hope attacking my opinion makes you feel better about yourself.
I typed random letters to get ''kidmf935.'' Really.

User Info: AsterixKing

3 years ago#3
Nominate Bonuses
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User Info: HeavyLobsterXL

3 years ago#4
Nominating Lottery.
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User Info: DrSnipester343

3 years ago#5
I nominate Swimming.
Wolf and Lucas are not clones. The 5 Melee cuts were cool and should all return. Captain Falcon is the textbook definition of manly. Ridley.

User Info: AuraWielder

3 years ago#6
Nominate Tripping.
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Shulk, Ridley, Mewtwo, Paper Mario, and Ghirahim supporter for SSB4. Jigglypuff, Lucas, and Snake defender for SSB4.

User Info: ThunderSeal

3 years ago#7
I nominate mew.
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User Info: kidmf935

3 years ago#8
ThunderSeal posted...
I nominate mew.

We've already seen Mew.
Plus I don't want to do Pokemon right now.
I hope attacking my opinion makes you feel better about yourself.
I typed random letters to get ''kidmf935.'' Really.

User Info: Eeveefan11

3 years ago#9
Nominate n64 congratulations screens. Lucas for Smash!
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User Info: LimitCrown

3 years ago#10
I nominate the Fan item, I guess
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