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Should it Return? Day 33: Crazy Hand

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User Info: Yoshi2010

3 years ago#21
Nominate Increasing Credit Speed.
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User Info: kidmf935

3 years ago#22
StephenYap3 posted...
Yes, but I want him to appear like how he did in Melee, where if the player had knocked Master Hand's HP in half. It had set the surprising suspense that still amazes me for a boss fight in my gaming life. Brawl killed that by having both hands appear at the start of the final battle if you had fulfilled similar criteria, in my opinion.

Nominating Running and Shooting

Yeah, I definitely agree there. I decided to run through both games and unlock everyone the other day, and Crazy Hand was so much better in Melee. The pause as he appeared shocked me the first time, and it still made me jump a bit on subsequent attempts. Brawl's was just boring with him waiting.
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User Info: pielover19

3 years ago#23
I nominate swimming.
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