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Smash Bros. Confessions

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(message deleted)

User Info: darxus

3 years ago#52
I am against Snake in Smash because my ex friend had a very bad obsession with those games.

.... That, and I never played a Smash game in my whole life.
Darxus fled by using Run Away.

User Info: DEKMStephens

3 years ago#53
These are my confessions,
just when I thought I said all I can say,
I found more Smash theories to share today
these are my confessions,
just when I thought Chrom was in (in)
turned out it was Lucina and Robin (bin)
and they came with Captain Falcon (kin)
I felt quite silly (ly),
I wonder where is Jiggly (ly)
but hey I'm still sure tomorrow is Monado Monday


I was expecting something like this tbh
3DS fc 2363-5810-2795
"I've said a lot of things before." - Bok, 2014

User Info: generalguy64

3 years ago#54
I don't like Mother
I don't like Mario RPG
I've never played a Metroid, F-Zero, Starfox, Pikmin, or Fire Emblem game.
Kirby is too easy.
I think the characters in PSAS had a helluva lot more personality than the characters in the Smash Bros games.
I defeated a raccoon. SCIENCE!

User Info: unknownuber

3 years ago#55
Confession Time: I made a fake leak you can see it here
Hercules does what Nintendercules

User Info: powerclaw1

3 years ago#56
Mother and Mario RPG are decent.
I hated MK8.
I enjoyed Sticker Star.
Kid Icarus deserves more representation.
Xenoblade/RH don't deserve any representation.
When life throws you a curveball, throw it back with maximum force.

User Info: d-man202

3 years ago#57
The Dark Lord is MEGA annoying, and now IT'S BACK??? I've known this for a while, but NO. JUST NO. I hate that thing...
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User Info: d-man202

3 years ago#58
slumpcat posted...
I hate Kirby and everything associated with Kirby

By the way... yea, I hate you too.
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User Info: Frostheat_22

3 years ago#59
Bayonetta should be playable
Mewtwo sucks
Ridley is too big
Melee sucks
PSN: Frostheat_22
"You would probably do better in pvp if you didn't take advice from your mom." - WATAUGACJ

User Info: LanaWhiteSorcer

3 years ago#60
I have a serious crush on Chrom.
I'd like Wolf to tickle me with his fur.
I dislike Ganondorf.
I haven't played a smash game in 12 hours.
As a member of the Hyrule Warriors Guild. None of us will be present in Smash 4.
I am single <3 *Looks at Captain Falcon* Note to self: Chrom's taken and has a daughter.
Surprisingly I'm not attracted to Little Mac.
That is all.
Chrom I love you <3 - Lana. Can't we all just get along instead of fighting all the time?
My team: Kirby, C.Falcon, Pichu, Peach, Zelda, Wolf, Greninja, WFT
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