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Who is the fastest non-Sonic Smash character?

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User Info: MetaQuantum

3 years ago#91
meepowned posted...
MetaQuantum posted...
meepowned posted...
Before X and Y increased Pidgeot's speed stat to 101(prior was 91), One of Pidgeot's Pokedex entry said that it flies in mach 2.

Pikachu's base speed is 90, 1 point away from Pidgeot's base speed. Pikachu is 1 point away from mach 2 speed. Pikachu may not be the fastest canonically (I have no idea who would be), but he's pretty darn fast.

Edit: I forgot about Greninja! D:

Uhhh... So a Geodude with a speed of 100 at any level is faster than mach 2...? Yeeeeeah... You shouldn't take stats into consideration so much...

Do you understand what "Base" speed is? No. Geodude's base speed is 20.

Yeah, but they get faster as they level up. That's why I said "100" which is over 91 so you can see my point. Even with a 20 speed, that makes Geodude a litle over a fourth of mach 2 when comparring it to Pidgeot's 91 mach 2 speed. Geodudes are rocks. They shouldn't be close to 5mph let alone a fourth of mach 2. Like I said, don't take stats into consideration when you want to know how fast a Pokemon is, just like Pikachu.

User Info: HeavyLobsterXL

3 years ago#92
Probably Pikachu. There's little competition.
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User Info: Expelsword

3 years ago#93
HeavyLobsterXL posted...
Probably Pikachu. There's little competition.

MK travels interplanetary distances casually and Kirby fights him.
Ness warps space and time and basically becomes one with the Universe.
Ganon uses magic to fly halfway across Hyrule in a few seconds
Fire Emblem characters dodge lightning
Captain Falcon drives at supersonic speeds for a living

Everyone is getting lowballed.
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User Info: ThunderSeal

3 years ago#94
Mario is faster than Sonic.
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