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Think of any Smash sharacter before entering.

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User Info: Itou_Kaiji

2 years ago#1
That character is now shrunken in front of you, on a scale of 1/2 an inch for every foot of their current size. You've both been caught in some sort of Saw-style game, and to survive you must swallow them whole, without chewing, in a time span of 60 seconds. If they're not in your stomach after that time, they survive and you're killed by poison or blades or something.

Who survives?

User Info: RatheV

2 years ago#2
Tetish fopic.

User Info: pizzaman95

2 years ago#3
Mega Man.

...Uh, f***.
Accept Sayaka as your new God.

User Info: RayMaster94

2 years ago#4


I'd rather let them live.
I am the mighty pop-tart wizard!

User Info: TEC-XX

2 years ago#5
I don't think I could take all of Lucina. She's just too long for me to get into my throat without gagging. I doubt I could even take something half as big as she is.

Also all the pointy bits like her sword and mask
Probably sarcastic; always lame

User Info: taoxadasa

2 years ago#6
What's a sharacter?!
The Jumping Flash! series needs a new game.
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  3. Think of any Smash sharacter before entering.

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