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Rate the roster if the leaked character select screen is the final roster

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User Info: SuperJoshi07

2 years ago#21
10/10. Brawl was a 10/10, Melee was a 9/10, how could a game that gains eleven more characters be any less?
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User Info: Aeonin

2 years ago#22
I actually thought the roster was shaping up to be pretty great, but the only character I think was a reasonable addition that we didn't already know was sulk. I'm a little bitter so 7/10. Not the worst but could definitely be better.
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User Info: DJDave189

2 years ago#23
8/10. I would go with 9 or 10/10 if they added Mewtwo and/or King K. Rool. Still a pretty good roster to me.

User Info: Inglebird

2 years ago#24
9/10 if Mewtwo + no clones.
8/10 if Mewtwo + clones
7.5/10 if no Mewtwo + clones + revamped Ganondorf with Hyrule Warrior look.
7/10 if no Mewtwo + clones + no revamped Ganondorf with Hyrule Warrior look.

So essentially, 8/10 is the highest I'll give it if Mewtwo is confirmed.
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User Info: HyperHobo

2 years ago#25
JudgeFalcon posted...
No Mewtwo
No 10/10

Characters like Mega Man and Little Mac are really great though, and I am surprisingly interested in Duck Hunt Dog as long as his moveset is interesting.

I don't really mind the clones, as they are pretty much just alternate costumes - with a few minor changes to the original - that Sakurai decided to give a roster slot to (I think Sakurai said Lucina was actually an alternate costume to begin with). They can't of taken any considerable amount of development time to add - not much more than an alternate costume anyway - and certainly wouldn't have consumed enough time to have replaced another character.

It loses points because of cuts and because some series are still underrepresented, namely DK and Metroid. If Sakurai has a good reason as to why he can't/doesn't want to add Ridley, then the Metroid representation is understandable, as there aren't really many other significant enough characters that could earn a roster slot. DK really shouldn't be under-repped though, as even if Sakurai doesn't want to add K. Rool for some reason, he could still add Dixie (+Dixie adds the female representation that Sakurai seems to be looking for in this game), or heck, even Cranky. If Dark Pit is a unique character, then it will seem even more unjustified that DK only has two reps.

Overall though, I would be okay with the roster. I don't go out of my way to support Ridley/K. Rool/Dixie, so their exclusion wouldn't really affect me much, but I am aware of how popular they are and feel that they deserve to be in.
Personally though, I would never be 100% happy with a roster unless Mewtwo was on it, so this roster would feel a bit empty and incomplete to me without Mewtwo, just as I felt about Brawl's roster (even though, disregarding the lack of Mewtwo, Brawl's roster was fantastic imo).

User Info: Astral_Comet

2 years ago#26
Less than 20% of the votes are in the bottom half. I think it's safe to say the roster choices were alright, if 80% are on the positive end. You can't please everyone, but you can please as many people as possible!
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User Info: sterlingtyger

2 years ago#27
A solid 9. Best roster in the series by far, but while I do understand their exclusions, Ice Climbers, Wolf and Lucas shall be missed. (Snake will be missed and I don't understand his exclusion.) Oh, and the lack of an RH rep upsets me; I had come to expect it, due to the Sneaky Spirit and Gematsu. Everyone else I knew was a pipe dream, but those 5 I was fairly certain of, and proven wrong, which is disappointing. Still, I think Villager and Duck Hunt alone more than make up for that.
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User Info: ursaguy

2 years ago#28
I gave it a 9. Don't understand the hypocrisy with these reactions. They took out two CLONES, Lucas and Wolf, and inserted 3 CLONES. I get that people want more Starfox reps (I do too), but there's pretty much only 1 type of Starfox character, and Wolf's inclusion wouldn't change that. It is kind of a shame to see the Ice Climbers go, but to be totally honest, I'll probably forget that they ever existed after some rounds with Megaman and Little Mac. My biggest problem is the amount of swordfighters, unique or not.

User Info: _Mewtwo_Shadow_

2 years ago#29
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User Info: eclipse_exe

2 years ago#30
i gave it a 1 for one reason.. i can not justify a Roster that Cuts IC or Wolf, let alone one that cuts BOTH OF THEM FOR CLONES.

if not for that one issue i'd give it about a 6 or 7, its got good choices and i can live with the clones though i will admit the lack of the Big three leaves me very salty and disappointed.

i should also note that even WITH the big three this roster would be at best a 2 for those same reasons... those cuts are honestly huge drawbacks and really hurt the overall roster.. no matter how many good newcomers may come.
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