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Super Smash Bros. 4! My feelings on the roster, speculation, hope and discussion

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User Info: Balamb00

2 years ago#1
80/80 TL?DR. (Too long? Don't read.)

Denying the leak is real is ludicrous at this point. However I feel there are things intentionally being left out, specifically to the roster. I like the roster as is but there are certain things I cannot wrap my head around.

First off, the most controversial being the very likely cut of the Ice Climbers. I do not play as the Ice Climbers unless I select random. However I hate the fact of their potential cut. They brought a unique playstyle to the series and they are the only representative to their games. They are more important to the game than Lucas, Mewtwo and even Snake. IMO! Pokemon will always be a part of Smash Bros. unless some huge controversy happens between Nintendo and Gamefreak. Earthbound still has Ness who has been here since the beginning. As for Snake, he was, I fully believe, a once in a lifetime addition. It is what it is. The same can potentially happen with Pac-Man, Mega-Man and even Sonic next game (If there is a next game). Ice Climbers though... Why? This all brings me to my next point.

The limitations of the 3DS (my favorite Nintendo device) is a hinder to the potential vastness Smash Bros. could bring to the Wii U. (At least to the roster) Just because Sakurai may not be able to make IC work with the 3DS should not mean they cannot be playable on the Wii U version. I hate that the statement of the roster being the exact same on both versions was ever made. I love that Smash Bros. exists on the 3DS but I personally would not be mad if the character selection was drastically limited so that the Wii U. Version could fully blossom. However, the possibility of DLC gives me hope...

Though the character roster has been confirmed to be the same on both versions, maybe, just maybe, the Wii U. version will have additional downloadable characters not available to the 3DS. This would not actually contradict the statement made. Thus, the Ice Climbers may still be on the Wii U.

My next points... Are not as drawn out but are very short and may seem very close-minded. I assure you, this is all my personal opinion and in no way means I am not open to the potential good or harm in which each statement could mean.

Mewtwo- Really Sakurai? Though not confirmed to be completely out, you would really leave out the most requested character since his cut from Brawl?

Bowser Jr.'s Clown Car- Very interesting playstyle but I hate that he uses it. Sure, it allows the opportunity for all the Koopalings to be available but it bothers me the character is specifically identified as Bowser Jr. Instead, I would feel better with Koopa Kids and a selection of the characters Bowser Jr., Lemmy, Wendy, etc... Seemingly, that's how it's going to be but again, the roster slot is Bowser Jr. Without the change of attire. Oh and I hate vehicles in play styles. Such as Warios bike.

Bowser Jr.- All hope died for me when it was announced characters would no longer transform in battle as the only reason I wanted Bowser Jr. was for paint brush moveset with shadow Mario transformation. Now I would much rather have Bowser Jr. Paintbrush and separate character Shadow Mario clone over Dr. Mario. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy with the idea of his inclusion, I'm just not sure I'll ever use him more than once. But that's okay if other players truly like him, this is just my opinion.

Duck Hunt Dog- Awesome
Shulk- Awesome
Ridley- ?????? I don't understand the teasing. It's messed up. I don't care about Ridley but why tease and get true fans overly hyped?

Oh and my poor Isaac but he was a long shot anyhow... I just hope he's not an AT and is a potential DLC.

Please discuss and share your own personal opinions on what you like/don't like about the leak.

Me..., I'm getting both versions and am going to play the hell out of them. I'm just worried, it may get stale quicker than I'd like similar to how Brawl did for me.
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