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The ESRB has to see the entire roster. The leak was the entire roster.

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  3. The ESRB has to see the entire roster. The leak was the entire roster.

User Info: Storrac

3 years ago#1
All-Star mode wasn't unlocked because it was a debug mode, they didn't debug it to be unlocked because they didn't have to show that mode.

ESRB has to critique every character, without it then the rating service is incomplete.

We have seen the entire roster, all 48 + Mii Fighters.

Get over it. No Ridley, No Mewtwo, No Lucas, Wolf, Ice Climbers, Ivysaur, or Squirtle.

The leaker never said that they had more character to unlock, it was fake leakers who said that to try and get everyones goat.

*drops the mic*
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User Info: PhotonCrusader

3 years ago#2
Er, according to recent events, it would seem the leaker isn't with ESRB, but was actually the Nintendo employee gathering the footage to send...
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User Info: darksora2323

3 years ago#3
It wasnt the entire roster.
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User Info: Frostheat_22

3 years ago#4
darksora2323 posted...
It wasnt the entire roster.

The denial is strong.
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User Info: Mewtwo_soul

3 years ago#5
Fake leakers, who had the image leaks from the original leaker don't even know if its' real or not. So please stop baselessly claiming it's the only absolute answer.
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User Info: wingblade98

3 years ago#6
he wasn't even from the esrb get your facts straight.
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User Info: ThisAnvil

3 years ago#7
I'll beleive the numerous notable people who leaked the images/video (and the reputable Smashboards mods who corroborated it) over some random guy on gamefaqs.
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User Info: NeutronStar256

3 years ago#8
This whole big thing is a "he said she said" thing

The videos are the only thing holding it together

We just won't know for sure if it's all real or fake until release
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User Info: DarkKnightCessi

3 years ago#9
It's getting worse with each day that passes. First there were five secret characters, then three. And now there are supposedly none...
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User Info: IfOnlyForOnce

3 years ago#10
So with your logic they have to critique every trophy too, right?

Weird that the leak only has images of trophies with suggestive content
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  3. The ESRB has to see the entire roster. The leak was the entire roster.

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