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The ESRB has to see the entire roster. The leak was the entire roster.

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  3. The ESRB has to see the entire roster. The leak was the entire roster.

User Info: Furryyiffer

3 years ago#231
ReallyCoolForum posted...
Furryyiffer posted...
The demos both have series push into the next row if they dont fit on a row so if the timeline must absolutely be kept it is also possible they could do that with the final roster.

That's exactly why I don't think they'll move. If the top three rows weren't final, they would have series push into the next row and other weird stuff, but they don't. Also, none of the characters changed places from the demo to the leaked roster (and they didn't in previous games either aside from Pikachu and Luigi in Melee) so I doubt they will if there are hidden characters that aren't on the leaked roster, either.

That still doesnt explain why Yoshi is between Mario characters for no reason. On the 3DS he is to the right of the Mario characters and I see no reason why they would place the Mario newcomers around him instead of pushing him over to add the newcomers. Yoshi has always been considered his own thing in Smash and has since Melee where he was between Mario and DK been moving away Mario bit by bit. In Brawl he ended up farther from Mario and being between DK and Wario. In this game his stature itself was changed to further reflect he was representing his own games. Only to have him shoved in as a Mario character?

But honestly while the timeline theory is nice it has holes in it. Yoshi's position is weird but if you argue he makes sense there why isnt Wario there with them instead of at the end of the Mario row? Sakurai and the devs went through the trouble of making the CSS go by timeline but then have Yoshi and Wario who by the game itself are counted as separate things from Mario just counted as Mario while not even trying to work in the "clone row" characters into their series to better make the timeline work? Instead just throwing them in the corner?
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User Info: ReallyCoolForum

3 years ago#232
I'm not saying that explains why Yoshi/Wario and the clones are placed where they are. I'm saying that's why there probably won't be any more characters added to the top three rows.
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  3. The ESRB has to see the entire roster. The leak was the entire roster.

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