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Do you plan to main Ganondorf?

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  3. Do you plan to main Ganondorf?

User Info: ComeOnGhirahim

2 years ago#11
And yes, I will main Ganondorf. I actually like using him more than Captain Falcon.
Fancy meeting you here, MONADO BOY

User Info: Kingboo83

2 years ago#12
I wanna be the very best Ganon, like no one ever was

User Info: Chaos_Echo

2 years ago#13
Of course, just like I always have. I do really like the moveset, to be honest. Probably my favorite in the game. It just has no business being on Ganondorf.
Majora's Incarnation is what happens when game designers smoke crack.

User Info: KMAnsem

2 years ago#14
I plan never to play Ganondorf at all.
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User Info: MercuryEnigma

2 years ago#15
No. One of my friends mains him, and we like to keep people from using the same character, so no.
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User Info: Omega_Zero_XP

2 years ago#16
ComeOnGhirahim posted...
Dear Good Ganon, I am actually the Neutral Ganon.

Oh, come on, Ghirahim! That's preposterous!

If you're the Neutral Ganon, then Im the official Passive-Aggressive Ganon.
Since Hello Kitty was never a cat, that means that Mickey was never a ****ing Mouse.

User Info: The_Good_Ganon

2 years ago#17
Artsy09 posted...
i have a friend who's obsessed with playing only bad characters

You should recommend Ness or Link then. Or you can be a bro to your friend and recommend me. He improve by 250%. Ganon-Guaranteed
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  3. Do you plan to main Ganondorf?

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