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King Boo!

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User Info: Jack_the_monke7

6 years ago#1

Slightly OT I guess but only kind of. King Boo is confirmed to be in Luigi's Mansion 2, so we can assume he will appear in some form in SSB4. But I just saw his artowrk form Luigi's Mansion 2 ( and I'm absolutley overjoyed. I've always been a huge King Boo fan and I always loved his look in Luigi's Mansion and was dissapointed with his appearence in later games. Is anyone else glad to see him back with his great jeweled crown and blue tounge? I certainly hope this design carries on from now on and will be used in future games, including SSB4

User Info: KirbyWithAGun

6 years ago#2
Tongue... Blue??? That sounds like a disease... Havent his blood been red before?
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