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who wants more UNIQUE chars?

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User Info: 100_hit_combo

6 years ago#1
I for one feel like adding more swordsmen and boxers would dull up a great game.
This is especially bothersome seeing as smash bros was built so RANDOM characters could fight each other.
Because of this reasoning I would like to nominate some very stylish characters that have left a fond impact on me.

-Ty the tasmanian tiger
-Crash Bandicoot
-Banjo & Kazooie
-Spyro the dragon

Each would have supremely epic movesets with NO CLONE MOVES, so none of that 'dashes forward fast,think like fox, or jumps high in the air and comes down hard, just like DDD and bowser but different' Plus that's three more gliders and Spyro could have
multiple jumps. Just my 2 cents, but feel free to argue or agree

User Info: KwonJigglypuff

6 years ago#2
Toad, Starfy, Lip, Andy and Tingle.

User Info: _Sanaki_

6 years ago#3
I can't really agree with them because they aren't original Nintendo characters. I'm against third-party as a whole.
Official Barthandelus and Cosmos of the Dissidia 012 Board.

User Info: Weruop

6 years ago#4
well no duh 3rd party characters are unique. we arent getting those 4 at all though lol

balloon fighter

would all be unique :)
FC: 1246-8397-8245
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  3. who wants more UNIQUE chars?

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