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Snakey's Smash 4 Newcomer Moveset Topic

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User Info: Snakey

6 years ago#1
I made a bunch of movesets for possible Smash 4 newcomers.

Here are the movesets that I made:
Dr. Mario (decloned)
Roy (decloned)
Mewtwo (new moveset)
Ganondorf (new moveset)
K. Rool
Little Mac
Mega Man

Anyone curious to see any of these movesets?
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User Info: Davidk92

6 years ago#2
I'll happily see them all. I've also done a Little Mac and Mega Man movesets myself as well, so I'd prefer to see them first, to compare them to my own.

User Info: Ech0s0

6 years ago#3
sure post them. I just made an awesome Dark Samus moveset a few minutes ago, mind if i post it here along with yours?

User Info: HeroOfPie

6 years ago#4

Oh, and by ray, do you mean custom robo ray? I'd also love to see that, good sir.
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User Info: reaverz

6 years ago#5
I'd like to see what you came up with for Mewtwo's since it probably should implement some of the moves in more recent gens. I just hope you don't have Swift for his neutral B... -_-

And Psystrike Final Smash yes? :D
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User Info: Snakey

6 years ago#6
HeroOfPie posted...

Oh, and by ray, do you mean custom robo ray? I'd also love to see that, good sir.

Yes, I mean Custom Robo's Ray.
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User Info: Snakey

6 years ago#7
Dr. Mario moveset:

Dr. Mario, is probably the most controversial character on my roster, second only to Tingle. It was quite difficult for me to decide whether to place back in Doc or bring in Paper Mario, however, while Paper Mario would be a much more easier character to put in, as well as easier to craft a moveset for (not to mention being more popular than Doc), I feel the good doctor deserves another chance in Smash Bros. I feel there is very little puzzle series representation in Smash especially compared to RPG representation (Mewtwo, Roy, Isaac, and Ray are all characters from RPG series). Also, I was able to craft an unique (and perhaps unorthodox) moveset for Dr. Mario, thereby decloning him and making him a character worthy for inclusion in Smash Bros. as a playable character in the eyes of most people.

Dr. Mario is a doctor, however, we are not entirely sure what kind of doctor he is. Is he a pharmacist, a researcher, a neurologist, a psychologist, a gynecologist (lol)? Mostly, Doc simply throws pills (Megavitamins) at the Red, Yellow, and Blue Viruses. His ability to throw Megavitamins as opposed to fireballs is often cited as the only difference between him and regular Mario by casual Smash fans. However, I decided to turn Doc into a completely different character from Mario and Luigi (with only three of his specials being similar to the two Mario Bros.). I even think the reason why I even kept Doc was because I was able to make a unique moveset for him. Hopefully, the rest of you will find Doc’s moveset amusing, interesting, and above all make him worthy enough to return.

Dr. Mario in Melee was like Mario with a little extra power and less speed (however, according to people who mained Doc, he plays completely different than regular Mario at high levels of play). Obviously, I want Doc to differ more from Mario than he did in Melee. I would plan for Doc to be much more powerful than he was in Melee, as well as slower. Doc also has a new, unique moveset this time around which makes him more of his own character than a character with some stat tweaks. Doc also, while some may regard as being better than Mario judging from how I already described him, does have some faults. He is about as slow as Wolf is in Brawl, and his recovery is a bit worse than regular Mario’s. Also, some of Doc’s “kill” moves have the chance to backfire on him, and there chance of backfire is determined on how well you are doing in the match (if you are at a low % the chance of the “backfire”-moves backfiring are a bit high, and the probability of these back-firing goes down as Doc’s damage percentage goes up). I think for this aspect Doc is posed to be among the most interesting and amusing characters on my roster.

As for Dr. Mario’s design, since the Smash Bros. series usually bases a character’s in-game appearance off of their appearance in the latest game they appeared in, I would expect Doc to be in his Dr. Mario Online Rx form. Doc does not differ much in this outfit than he did in Melee, however, there are two minor differences. Doc now wears a red tie, and he wears the tube-part of his stethoscope around his head instead of how he wore it in Melee (which was the ear parts around his neck). I also imagine Doc being a little more serious than his plumber counterpart. In official artwork, I envision him holding one of his hands of his chin with a slight smirk, while holding a Megavitamin in the other hand. I think Dr. Mario has the potential to appeal to a lot more people if he is made how I am going to describe in the following moveset.

To Be Continued
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User Info: Snakey

6 years ago#8
Dr. Mario moveset continued:

Speed: 3/5 (Doc is about average when it comes to speed)
Power:4/5 (Doc leans toward being a power character, however, he is no Ike or Ganondorf)
Recovery: 3/5 (Doc’s recovery is only a tad worse than Mario’s)
Weight:3/5 (Doc is slightly more heavy than Mario, however, it is not enough to bump him up to 3.5)

Dr. Mario regular moves:

A: Dr. Mario does a punch
AA: Doc does another punch.
AAA: Doc does his electric palm attack.
Side-A tilt: Doc uses his stethoscope as a whip.
Running-A: Doc does his electric palm attack while running (pretty powerful for a dash move)
Down-tilt A: Doc does the same down-tilt as regular Mario.
Up-tilt A: Doc does the same up-tilt as Luigi.
A-Air: Doc spin in the air (he does not go downward like with Mario and Luig’s d-air he simply spins like if he were doing the Dr. Tornado from Melee).
Backward-Air: Doc whips his stethoscope backward.
Up-Air: Same as Mario and Luigi’s up-air.
Down-air: Doc whips his stethoscope downward (bell part to the stethoscope is a sweet-spot that results in a spike).

Forward-Air: This one of Doc’s backfire moves. This move looks very similar to his foward-air in Melee. Doc pulls out one of those reflex testers (those things that doctors bang on your shins to test your reflexes). The move itself is much more powerful than even his foward-air in Melee! However, at low-percentages, the move itself has a high chance of backfiring. Since this tool is used to test a reflexes, sometimes your opponent will do a counter-attack when you hit them with the reflex-tester. The counter-attack move that your opponent will perform depends on whether your opponent is on the ground or in the air. On the ground, your opponent will perform a fully-charged forward Smash. In the air, your opponent will do either a f-air or a b-air depending on what direction your opponent is facing. As Doc’s damage goes up, the percentage of the counter-attack happening goes down.

Forward-Smash: This again is another one of Doc’s backfire moves. Doc once again uses the reflex tester, however, unlike with the f-air, this move is chargeable (like with all Smash-A attacks) and is thus much more powerful. Doc’s Smash-foward is even more powerful than Ike’s Smash-foward. However, be warned, if you attack with Doc’s Smash foward, regardless of how much you charged it, there is a sizable chance at low damage percentage that your opponent will perform a fully charged foward-Smash attack on you as a reflex reaction, so it is why not to use this move until you are more damaged.

Down-Smash: Doc takes off his stethoscope, and spins around with it (obviously, he will stall with it in his hand while charging). The stethoscope has a sweet-spot at the bell part that does much more damage than if you get it by the tube or ear parts.

Up-Smash: Doc starts charging electricity in his fist, with more and more electricity being gathered with it until his hand looks like a ball of electricity. He jumps up a little bit and does an uppercut with the attack. This attack is powerful, so beware.

For Doc’s grabs. He pulls out the blood-pressure tester thing (you know that device that is used to test your blood pressure that wraps around your arm). This thus gives Doc a tether-recovery ability, something that Mario and Luigi don’t have.

Grab-A: Doc’s squeezes the rubber-part of the device that makes the device feel tighter on your arm.
Forward-Grab: This move is similar to Samus’s forward grab, in appearance.
Backward Grab: Again this is similar to Samus’s backward grab, in appearance.
Down-Grab: Once again this move is like Samu’s down grab, in appearance.
Up-Grab: Doc’s up grab is the same as Mario and Luigi’s.

To Be Continued
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User Info: Snakey

6 years ago#9
Dr. Mario moveset continued:

Dr. Mario special moves:

Regular-B: Magnifying Glass: Doc brings his magnifying glass from the Dr. Mario games to the fight. The magnifying glass is interesting in that it takes time to buildup-power. You need to aim the magnifying glass in a certain spot (it is similar in how Pit aims his bow, only that the versatility is more toward the ground than the air). There will be a beam of light shining from the magnifying glass, this light is harmless as first, but it gradually gains more and more power until it becomes a death ray. This move usefulness in high-level play will be as an edge-guard move, as that while most pros will take the opportunity from stopping Doc from using his magnifying glass become a death ray, however, by shining the glass off stage it does decent knockback to your recovering opponent, but does little damage. Also, the ray from the magnifying glass will bounce off reflective or metallic surfaces, which amplifies its power.

Side-B: Medical Sheet: Doc’s side-B is the same as it was in Melee, however, it works much differently this time. First off, the medical sheet is much longer than in Melee. Secondly, Doc does not wave the blanket horizontally like Mario does, and instead waves it vertically. Third, the sheet does not reflect projectiles anymore and simply deflects them. Also, the real use to this move is that is trips your opponent. After initially whipping out the medical sheet, it lays down on the ground (it is much longer). If you let go of side-b while your opponent is on the sheet, you will pull the sheet from under the feet of your opponent and end up tripping them. You can then use this opportunity to perform a quick Smash attack on them.

Down-B: Megavitamins: What would a Dr. Mario moveset be without his Megavitamins? For the most part, this moves works the same way as it did in Melee, however, it is a bit more powerful this time around and pure color capsules (a capsule that is all red, all blue, or all yellow) does 15% damage.

Up-B: Booster Shot: You can probably guess what this move is going to be judging by the name. Doc pulls out a giant syringe when doing this recovery move (he looks the same as he does in Melee when doing his recovery, only he is holding a large syringe in his hand). This move is a kill move and quite powerful (however, its vertical recovery compared to Mario’s Up-B is less). However, while this move is powerful, it sometimes does random side effects to your opponent both good and bad. Some good side effects your opponent might get would super speed, giant size, invisibility, invincibility, or becoming metal. Some negative side effects include sprouting a flower from their head, tininess, becoming poisoned (your opponent will turn purple and lose more and more damage as time goes on), or becoming confused (your opponent’s controls will be reversed). Needless to say, the “positive side effects” are more likely to occur when your damage % is low, while the “negative” side effects are more likely to occur when Doc has underwent a lot of damage (150%+).

To Be Continued
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User Info: Snakey

6 years ago#10
Dr. Mario moveset continued:

Final Smash: Virus Outbreak: What would be a decloned Dr. Mario moveset without those lovable viruses from his games of his? Dr. Mario pulls out a jar (which contains the viruses). Depending how Dr. Mario opens it (if Dr. Mario drops it after pulling it out then the viruses are going to give your opponents positive side effects, if Doc opens the lid then your opponents are going to get negative side effects). Each virus has a positive and negative side effect. The viruses attack in “clouds” of a whole bunch of them, and the clouds only consist of one or two of the virus colors. They will then chase after your opponents and infect them. The positive side effect for the red virus is increased size, while the negative one is being shrunk. The positive side effect for the blue virus is super speed, while its negative side effect are reversed controls. The positive side effect for the yellow virus is becoming metal, while the negative side effect is becoming poisoned. However, the odds for giving your opponents negative side effects are 3/4, with a 1/4 chance they will get positive side effects. Also, the side effects from these viruses don’t wear off until your opponent is KO’d, which can be both a good thing or a bad thing.

Dr. Mario’s taunts are as followed:
1. Same taunt as in Melee. Doc pulls out a Megavitamin, throws it up in the air, and then catches it.
2. Dr. Mario spins and give the v-sign (this is based off of when he would win a match in Dr. Mario 64).
3. Dr. Mario closes his eyes, strokes his moustache, then smiles, and goes back to his fighting stance.

Victory animations:
Dr. Mario will have the same victory animations as he did in Melee.

Dr. Mario idle animation:
Dr. Mario usually has his arms crossed (this is based off of what he would do in Dr. Mario 64's story mode). Occasionally, he will stroke his chin.

Dr. Mario’s running animation:
Dr. Mario’s running animation is the same as it was in Melee.


Costume 1: Dr. Mario’s suit has a green tint to it, and his “headband” in green, with his tie also being green.
Costume 2: Dr. Mario’s suit has red tint to it, and his “headband” is red, with his tie being black.
Costume 3: Doc’s suit has a tellow tint to it, and his “headband” is yellow, with his tie also being yellow.
Costume 4: Doc’s outfit is black, with his headband being black, and his tie also being black.
Costume 5: Doc’s outfit is black, with his headband being black, and his tie is red, but he wears sunglasses.

Kirby Hat: Kirby’s Dr. Mario hat is the same as it was in Melee, Kirby wears the Dr. Mario headband, however, he now does the magnifying glass attack as opposed to the Megavitamins.

Dr. Mario-Snake Codec Conversation:

Snake: Otacon, why is Mario wearing a docor’s outfit.
Otacon: That’s Dr. Mario Snake. He is an excellent doctor that he is known for his virus busting prowess and curing power of his Megavitamins.
Snake: Hold on! So are Dr. Mario and Mario two different people or are they the same person?!
Otacon: Um, I am not really sure. There’s not much information on this guy. However, Mario has had a lot of careers over the years, including golfer, referee, chef.... (Snake cuts him off)
Otacon: Fortunately, Dr. Mario and Mario are the only Mario’s you will have to fight, or at least that I am aware of.
Snake: Good. Oh, and one more thing, is Dr. Mario a chiropractor? Cause my back has been killing me lately (this MGS4 Snake, AKA, old man Snake).
Otacon: I don’t think so.
Snake: Drats.
End of codec.

End of Dr. Mario moveset.
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