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Demon Lord Ghirahim: Your Thoughts?

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User Info: TheYoshster

6 years ago#1

So as we all know, the new Legend of Zelda game, Skyward Sword will feature a new villain to the series known as the Demon Lord Ghirahim(or Debbie The Fabulous :P) Though our opinions about Ghirahim will probably change once we learn more as more information about Skyward Sword is revealed, or by finally playing the game; judging from what we DO know about Ghirahim, what do you think about the new Zelda villain as a canidate for SSB4?

User Info: Vyers

6 years ago#2
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User Info: AugustDreaming

6 years ago#3
Nah, he'll probably be a one game villain like a lot of villains in the past. I would rather have Vaati in SSB4 since at least he's been in a few games.
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User Info: sumostickfigure

6 years ago#4
I don't want to really consider him until Skyward Sword is out.
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User Info: TheYoshster

6 years ago#5

sumostickfigure posted...
I don't want to really consider him until Skyward Sword is out.

I'm waiting to decide if he should be in SSB4 as well. Though my opinions of Ghirahim are high already just because he's a very interesting villain from what was shown, I want to play Skyward Sword and learn more about him and his role(I mean we don't even know if he's the real villain of the game.)

User Info: Falcon_Pawnch75

6 years ago#6
I doubt it. Midna was probably more popular by the time they started making Brawl's roster than Ghirahim probably will be when SSB4's roster is being created. The only advantage Ghirahim has over Midna did in the past is his role as a villain, which can be better fit with Vaati, who's been in more games and can be the alternate villain sort of thing to Toon Link.
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User Info: Pyro76

6 years ago#7
Vyers posted...
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User Info: shroom_ninja_X

6 years ago#8
I hate to sound presumptous, but I'd really rather not see him. I'd greatly prefer to see established characters who have played important roles in multiple games over a series, as opposed to someone like Ghirahim who will likely be a one-shot villain we probably won't ever be seeing again outside of one or two games.

If I HAD to take a one-shot Zelda character, I'd rather see the Skull Kid with Majora's Mask.
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User Info: BigTheBrat

6 years ago#9
Personally, no. Ghirahim is one of those characters I hate seeing on rosters because we know hardly anything about him, same with Magnus. If we're basing it on what we know like what you said, then still no. He seems cool and important but not viable enough for this game.

User Info: DeuxHero

6 years ago#10
I doubt he is the main bad guy. I've noticed the devs gave a solid "no" to Ganon, but skirted around Vaati.

Magnus at least is confirmed for a major character in his game.
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