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ITT: Create a B-moveset using the above user's name/sig

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User Info: WebBowser

6 years ago#51
Ugh, I donnot know the pheonix wright series, so imma do Krystal

b: fires a ball of fire straght foward, can be aimed in a simular way to Yoshi's up b minus the arc.
side b: Fox Illusion
down B: uses the disguise from SF Adventures, gets more powerful attacks but no specials, wears off upon taking damage.
up b: spins staff like a helecopter to rise for a brief time.

btw, tried to imagine Lord Brocktree with the moveset that was made for me, it was humorous.
"Let me explain the rules. One Badger Lord carries two hundred votes and his sword carries another hundred. Agreed?" The logic of a tyrant protagonist

User Info: Mudkip_in_Space

6 years ago#52
Tyrant Protagonist

Up B: A servant throws him up.
Neutral B: He strikes you with lance.
Side B: He flails around his arms
Down B: He uses a hammer on the enemy.
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Mane 6: Spike>Fluttershy>Rarity>Applejack>Rainbow Dash>Pinkie Pie>Twilight Sparkle

User Info: natu1234

6 years ago#53

Neutral B: Shouts "Spike>Fluttershy>Rarity>Applejack>Rainbow Dash>Pinkie Pie>Twilight Sparkle!" Stuns enemies.
Side B: Pulls out a car and put it on his back. He then runs around the stage, yelling "Vroom!"
Up B: Turns into a Mudkip and slowly floats up for about 6 seconds.
Down B: Growns a mane and cuts it 6 times, leaving hair on the ground. The hair does poison damage for 3 seconds.
Final Smash: Turns into a Mudkip, floats up in the air, and uses Surf on everybody on the stage. Does about 50 damage.
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User Info: SSBfighter

6 years ago#54

B: (Psychic) A distorted area in front of you appears and anyone that is caught in it will be damaged and thrown in the direction you tilt them in

B>: (Confuse Ray) A small ball will fly in front of you in a wavy motion, if it hits oppenet on ground they will be rendered helpless (like when thier sheild breaks), if hit in the air, the chracter will be put into helpless state

B^: (Ominous Wind) You will be carried by a dark purplish wind in any direction you choose, opponets will be damaged when they come into contact

Bv: (Trick Room) A small square appears around you and any oppenet inside will trip, taunt, or have a flower on their head

Final Smash: (Future Sight)
The stage will freeze and the camera will focus on you then a sparkle will appear on your eye, then you resume battle until 3-5 seconds later a strong force will attack the player in last or first place
THE VideoGame Expert.
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User Info: ztupiidboy

6 years ago#55
SSB Fighter (The Videogame expert,fights using ssb fighters)

B:(Playing as Mario)Takes a controller to summon and control Mario and throws fire balls

Side B:(Playing as Link)Takes a controller to control Link and throws a boomerang

Down B:(Playing as Pikachu)Takes a controller to control Pikachu and does Thunder

Up B:(Playing as Yoshi)Takes a controller to control Yoshi and does his jump with SSB Fighter on his back

Final Smash:(Hack:Tabuu playable)Hacks the game to be able to play as Tabuu,takes a controller and you start to play as Tabuu for 20 seconds.
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  3. ITT: Create a B-moveset using the above user's name/sig

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