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Top 5 most likely female newcomers?

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User Info: Vegeta1000

5 years ago#1
1. Palutena
2. Dixie Kong
3. Captain Syrup
4. Female rep from Fire Emblem (Lyn, Micaiah, etc)
5. Krystal (if SF X Metroid rumor becomes true)

This is assuming we get 5 new females for Smash. What you guys think?
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User Info: Laytonman

5 years ago#2
not that many 2-3 more like
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User Info: DeuxHero

5 years ago#3

Most likely are

Special: Shiggy's new character (if female)
1: One of the KI goddesses.
2: Alexandra Roivas
3: Cpt. Syrup
4: Dixie
5: Anna/Lucina
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User Info: JessCalabr

5 years ago#4
who is capt syrup? what series is she from?
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User Info: The_Korey

5 years ago#5
No one is above Krystal, Dixie(do not want), and Toon Zelda(hate!).
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User Info: kreegan64

5 years ago#6
Palutena? Why do you feel that she's the most likely new female character, TC? You probably won't (and maybe rather wouldn't) know what topic this links to.

User Info: albertojz356

5 years ago#7
I think they're

1: Dixie Kong
2: Palutena
3: A Fire Emblem female. Most likely Lucina, Anna or Lyn imo.
4: Lip
5: Krystal

JessCalabr posted...
who is capt syrup? what series is she from?

She's the major female villain of the Wario Land series.
Pauline, Palutena, Medusa, Cptn. Syrup, Mike Jones, Andy, Lip, Eirika, Caeda, Dixie, Mr. Peepers, Micaiah, Jill, Impa, Anna, Lyn, & Shantae for SSB4!

User Info: Kooky_von_Koopa

5 years ago#8
I can only think of Palutena...
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User Info: Doug314

5 years ago#9
Palutena is easily the most likely, followed by Lip, Captain Syrup, Medusa, and Anna.
Medusa, Palutena, Isaac, Lip, Ridley, King K. Rool, Starfy, Anna, and Toad for SSB Wii U and SSB 3DS!
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User Info: a_fartn_Spartan

5 years ago#10
Well, there's at least 2 new members of this board here. And it's only gonna get better/worse (however you look at it). These next few weeks sure are gonna be exciting!
(regarding Megaman for SSB4:)
"How about giving Megaman fans something they want, since everything [else] is out of the question." -SmallerRidley
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