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I used to think Samus was a dude.

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User Info: lenmutt

4 years ago#21
Hejiru206 posted...
lenmutt posted...
Hejiru206 posted...
The first time I played Smash Bros as a kid my first question was "Who's that robot?"

Later I got Metroid Fusion and fell in love with the series. I now have every game.

you never saw her shock animation like everyone had a skeleton and she and a green female figure

I realized she was a woman pretty soon after I got the game, due to the character bios. I never paid attention to the skeletons.

Wait, "everyone"? What did Kirby and Jigglypuff look like?

they have super tiny skeletons i think will look for you

EDIT oh kirby is just black with eyeballs when shocked same for puff but she has crying eyes
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User Info: Kagemusha_Oulmn

4 years ago#22
I beat the first Metroid way back when it was new, but not quick enough to learn that she was female. I didn't find out about Justin Bailey until after playing Super Metroid, wherein it was obvious she was female (every time you died, her suit would explode and she would give a very feminine death cry).

This was back before the internets (and, I guess, before I subscribed to Nintendo Power) -- nowadays, anything remotely surprising about a game becomes common knowledge before it's even released in the States.
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User Info: eellliioottt

4 years ago#23
I used to think she was a robot, but not for very long.
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User Info: IlIlIlIlIlIlIl

4 years ago#24
I admit I had to read her bio when 64 first came out. And then I played Super Metroid.

User Info: HylianCyndaquil

4 years ago#25
I always thought she was a dude in some robotic suit. My brother owned SSB64 & I don't ever recall looking through the manual lol my brother wanted me to like stay out of his Nintendo stuff back then :P

But seriously, I feel bad because I never knew about the Metroid games till the very early 2000s .___.; I didn't even know about the one on the SNES. xD

I never even payed attention to the characters getting shocked either haha.
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User Info: HeaderHog

4 years ago#26
I remember thinking through Melee, because of how I never saw her face, and how the announcer called her "SUMMUS", I never really knew she was a chick.

(Me seeing on the E3 2006 video Samus blasting her armor off to reveal a ponytailed woman wearing tight blue suit.)
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User Info: koopabros64

4 years ago#27
I used to think that Samus was a robot.
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User Info: PlasmaCannon

4 years ago#28
After beating the original Metroid that's how I found out which was awesome since I've always enjoyed playing as female characters even back then as a kid. I then wondered why the instruction book said otherwise until I learned that it was a translation error.
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User Info: HyperRoboto

4 years ago#29
i use to think samus was a guy till metriod prime one when she took off her helmet then i was like A GIRL AWESOME!

User Info: harvestmoonmike

4 years ago#30
EarthLord_CJ posted...
harvestmoonmike posted...
It actually was a turn-off back then. Video games were male dominated, and playing as a girl wasn't cool (we were kids give us a break)... So I actually held off playing the Metroid gaems with that being one of my reasons... I know, I'm so ashamed.

You can still redeem yourself!

OT: Smash 64, either through the manual (can't remember if she was referred as such), the character bios, or from the fact that her rather slim figure shows when she's shocked by Pikachu.

Oh I did, my first real Metroid experience was Metroid Prime, and now it's one of my favorite franchises from Nintendo.
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