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I used to think Samus was a dude.

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  3. I used to think Samus was a dude.

User Info: EarthLord_CJ

4 years ago#31
harvestmoonmike posted...
Oh I did, my first real Metroid experience was Metroid Prime, and now it's one of my favorite franchises from Nintendo.

That's pretty much how I came to appreciate the series as well.
Funnily enough, though, I didn't realise how much I appreciated it until I grew older.
"Don't wanna know...where the sinners go..."

User Info: Jangobadass

4 years ago#32
Don't feel bad, HC. We've (almost) all been taken by surprise with Samus at one point or another :) Certainly surprised me when I first found out

User Info: oniskieth

4 years ago#33
I use to think the robot man was a guy. Then I died against the bomb boss and it was revealed in the death animation that there was a blond girl in the suit. The words "Samus" suddenly made sense on the suit screen.
Roy's our boy!
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  3. I used to think Samus was a dude.

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