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Are SSB's fans happy to see that PS-all stars was a bust?

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  3. Are SSB's fans happy to see that PS-all stars was a bust?

User Info: Cable_mvc2

5 years ago#1
That's what Sony gets for ripping nintendo off.

User Info: NewMoonShadow

5 years ago#2
A bust? By whose measuring stick? ~76% metascore ain't BAD (It's average/good at worst), and we're far from seeing the final sales figures emerge.

User Info: Master_Radori

5 years ago#3
To be honest, I'm just sick and tired of hearing about PSABR. -___-

Particularly on here. :/
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User Info: Benify

5 years ago#4
Everyone knew it was going to flop. No Crash.
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User Info: BIG_C_4_LIFE

5 years ago#5
Nobody is calling it a bust except for Nintendo fanboys who are still butthurt that it got made.
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User Info: EJW

5 years ago#6
No one here is butthurt.

This game is great.
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User Info: Undead Saint

Undead Saint
5 years ago#7
Smash fans should be praying for the success of other non-traditional fighting games. Its a chance to play as some of your favorite non-nintendo characters in a mash up. Though I suppose that aspect won't appeal as much to someone who doesn't have much interest in non-nintendo characters.
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User Info: The_Korey

5 years ago#8
No. I'm not an immature fanboy. Doesnt make a difference to me if it was Game of The Year.

A) Unique, successful games inspire, get soul-successors, or get ripped off all the time. My only beef with Sony is that they tend to mock Nintendo ideas (like the Wii-mote) but then end up making the same thing, trying to pass it off as very different and better. I mean, for real? I'm all for good competition, but toilet-paper moves like that are just irksome and disgraceful.

B) Having a crossover roster does not warrant being called a different genre or sub-
genre, so although blatantly inspired by SSB, PSAS (and it's totally different gameplay) isn't even a rip-off. The only similarities between the two is the 4-player battle royale concept.

If SSB should be the only only one allowed to use said sub-genre, then nobody should have been able to make a traditional fighting game after Street Fighter or turn-based RPG after Final Fantasy (or what ever game first started those genres)

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User Info: fuzi11

5 years ago#9
I saw a review on the internet comparing it to Smash Bros (for obvious reasons), that says that this game is fun, but lacks in the game mode departement. You can only do deathbattle over deathbattle over deathbattle. While Melee and Brawl had tons of additional content. But the Internet is supposed to be flawless

User Info: SpunkySix

5 years ago#10
I don't think it was a bust, it looks like fun. That said, Cartoon Network:Punch Time Explosion was a lot of fun too, so maybe I'm too easy to please with this sort of game.

Sony is still an uncreative dumb though. At least Microsoft tried with the Kinect to be different.
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  3. Are SSB's fans happy to see that PS-all stars was a bust?

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