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If there was a Super Smash RPG, how do you think it should go?

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User Info: Necronmon

4 years ago#1
I think it should be done by the guys who just did the triple cross over game with Sega, Namco and Capcom.

Now, obviously everyone has different ideals of what the true All Star team is, however I think the core party would be Mario, Sonic, Link, Samus, Kirby, Megaman X and Zero, and Cloud, with Luigi, Yoshi, Fox, Knuckles and Shadow making it in if there would still be room. There would be two to four original cast members to, all the good crossover RPG's have a few original guys to give some new guy perspective on it.

The bad guys would be Bowser, Doctor Robotnik, Ganondorf, Sigma, maybe Sephiroth and the like, with a original bad guy or so to be the true final boss, though more like a Xemnas then a Master Hand.

I think the best way to pull it off would to make it like Kingdom Hearts with the worlds being separate, but maybe not having the worlds be isolated, so that there could be a original world or so as well.

Does anyone else have a idea of how they think it could work? I am shocked Nintendo has not done a Smash RPG so far, I could see it work like fan RPG's like this,

Sigh, I wish I had the math skills to do stuff like those videos.
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User Info: ShinyMasamune

4 years ago#3
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User Info: Oni_Taedo

4 years ago#4
First off that Megaman fan RPG looks awful.
Sigma would never take orders from anyone, especially a human.
He would have stuck his hand up Weil's ass and wore him like a glove.

On topic, no. No third parties. A Smash RPG MUST contain only Nintendo characters. No Sonic, no Cloud, no Megaman.
No original characters either. What is this, Kingdom Hearts? No.

Bowser, Ganon, Andross, Motherbrain, Zoda.

All we need.

Have bosses that have been fought in every game that's represented. So when you go to the jungle to get DK in your party, after doing a lengthy, puzzle filled dungeon krawling (see what I did thar?) with Kremlins and Gnawtys (Gnawties?), you would run head first into a boss from the classic DKC games, maybe even one from DK64. Armydillo hasn't been used in anything since then, not that he ever should, but just saying.

We should only ever get one character per game, but Zelda, Mario, and Starfox would get multiple reps.

Battle system would be similar to Xenosaga's. Each button does an action.
The major difference being that in Xenosaga, the game tells you that pressing another button will continue your attack. SSBRPG will rely solely on long strings of combos in order to be truly successful. Meaning yes, it will be an RPG with fighting game elements.

Unique to SSB RPG would be the separation anxiety combat system, or S.A.C.S.
Allowing two battles to go on at the same time, one on the big screen, another on the controller.
The fight going on on the touchscreen will use touch controls, while the fight going on on the big screen will use the buttons. You can also use the propad, technically allowing two players.
This would be used for times during the story when two separate teams are working for a similar goal.

Outside of battle, the gamepad will be used for the menu, issuing orders to out of party teammates (say you missed a chest, well, your team is full of Mario, Link and Samus, 3 party members. You have someone on reserve, like say, Falco, send him back to get the chest for you. Saves time from unnecessary back tracking. You can still back track.)

Coins will be the main form of currency. Use them to purchase weapons, armour, items, and stickers. Stickers will be what makes your character stronger, as opposed to leveling up the normal way. You can still level up through EXP, but that's intended for RPG vets, as EXP leveling is much harder. Mixing the two means of getting stronger is key to victory.

Aside from that, you'd also use the touchscreen to build your own custom Smashliner. A custom made vehicle used to traverse the ingame world. Choosing from a large selection of parts, you build your vehicle, giving it abilities such as driving on walls, over water, even flying. Mind you, no combat with it, as it's not a combat issue vehicle.

Now, the airship on the other hand. Throwing an homage back to one of the greatest RPGs ever (anyone with a Dreamcast should remember it), ship-on-ship battles will occur. Late in the game, you would hijack one of Bowser's airships, outfit it to your personal liking, and use it to traverse the world even faster than the Smashliner ever could. Something special about it would be that it's used in certain boss fights.
Most of which would make use of the S.A.C.S.
Say your main party of Mike, Olimar and Captain Falcon are fighting on the hull against Lemmy Koopa, while Fox and Samus are manning the ship, fighting off a bunch of Koopa Airships.
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User Info: a_fartn_Spartan

4 years ago#5
I'm not sure exactly how it would work but keep 3rd parties out. More room would have to be made for...well, teams. And the reason I pause while saying it is the only one I can think of is the Star Fox team. I feel like Krystal and Slippy would have to be in, and I guess so would Dixie Kong. And the new series reps could get like 2 or 3.

I'm just spit-ballin' here but I think maybe this would get too huge with the different storylines and it'd be too long of a story, and not enough progression with your favorite characters. So maybe we could cut the roster to it being just Fox, with only sidekicks like Diddy and Luigi making the cut. Heck, you could just cut this down to a 2 or 3 series crossover. With only Mario, Donkey Kong, and MAYBE Kirby characters.
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User Info: MewtwoEx

4 years ago#6
Depends, if it was made by Sakurai it will probably end up like the SSE but turn based or with exp added, and over the head camera view

User Info: Necronmon

4 years ago#7
You want Slippy as part of the party? He has no skills outside a machine lol. Alas, to bad Banjo and Kazzoie are with Microsoft now, they would work well with this as well.

Well, I can see we clearly have, different ideas on what would work as the ideal Smash Cross over RPG but, ill just go ahead with what my ideal one would be.

Currency would either be gill or man made, and the world would be biased off the duo process that Super Robot Wars games and Kingdom Hearts work, AKA a massive yet merged world that gives each game series its own world yet is still linked together.

The original cast would be the usual swordsmen hero like Sora, with a brawler and a long rang shooter as his teammates, and I had in mind a love interest and a rival that would also be important.

There would be a whole order of hero's, sort of like the Keyblade Knights or more like the Jedi that would go out to protect each world and the hero would go from each world, this way there would be a reason for Mario, Link Samus and so on and that no Nintendo character or any other guy would hog the spotlight.

As for the plot, oh, the easiest way to summarize it , would to say this,

Obviously, I suppose it boils down to what one thinks the priorities in a crossover game are, but since its a RPG, that would make one think that the story would slightly more of a focus. However for each world like Mario there would be things related to Mario like jumping on platforms, where in the Metroid part would be exploring and fighting Space Pirates, where as the Zelda part would be solving a puzzle in the Lost Woods and so on.

User Info: Necronmon

4 years ago#8
Oh yes, and for the battle system I think it would be best if it was turn based, with reaction commands and timed attacks like with Legend of the Seven Stars. There would be a limit break like super attack, with double and triple techs like in Chrono Trigger to encourage good use of teams. Each hero would have at least one unique skill, like Kirby being the blue mage of sorts and Samus having the best long range attacks or something.

Ugh, you really want anything from Paper sticker Mario? That's like the ultimate example of what NOT to do for a RPG, for god sakes they all but broke Paper Mario with that game.

User Info: Necronmon

4 years ago#9
Bump, no one else really has any good ideas on how to make a Smash RPG?

User Info: DarkAres_02

4 years ago#10
Definitely an action-battle system; I feel like lots of Smash characters would be bland in normal turn based.

That said, it doesn't necessarily have to be like Super Mario RPG (though I'd be fine with that). I could see it play like Xenoblade (that is, MMO style, select techs, etc) but mixed with action commands from SMRPG. If that makes sense.

No idea for story, really. So long as it's not "Kirby and Friends Save the World!" again, I'm probably good. Maybe a rivalry between Mario and Sonic?

I do like your idea of having the different series areas actually play out like a section from that game. I'd love to see the SSB cast as Fire Emblem units XD
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