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If there was a Super Smash RPG, how do you think it should go?

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User Info: Necronmon

5 years ago#11
Ah, I was thinking it could work out in a Fire Emblem style as well, at least for departing as groups.

Xenoblade maybe, but I hated how little control you had of your party at times and how there was no items. You know, maybe the Tales of or Star ocean battle style would work best, and when you do a super move you had to time it or something.

Once more, I think the world system in fact would be best like Mass Effect, you go to the different galaxies and pick on the different planets.

Like, you start off on the original capital planet, then click on your space ship to go to the Mushroom Kingdom, or Hyrule, or Mobius or something.

You would fight and explore on each world and do something unique like go through pipes on the Mario levels, go faster on Sonic levels, explore more on Death Moutian or Zebes or SR-388 or something.

Things could open up based on the story, like first you would fight Wario in the Mushroom Kingdom then come back later on to fight Bowser. Fight Robotnik and his new Death Egg over Green Hill Zone or Station Square and then come back to fight Egg Man Nega , Metal Sonic and a clone of Perfect Chaos and stuff. Go in to Death M to save Gorens from being sacrificed by Komume and Kotake to revive Ganondorf, then come back to fight bonus bosses like Majora's Mask and the Phantom of Demise and stuff.

Like in SR-388 you would fight more Space Pirates and fight another Ridely, and then have to fight X parasites or a new Metriod Prime after getting deeper in to the planet.

There could be secret bonus fighters for hire, like do a side-quest or have a high enough good or bad level like mass effect and get bad guys like Bowser, Meta-Knight Shadow, and more .

All the while when you go through Hyper Space you might get ambushed by Vile or Space Pirates or hell, maybe even Mass Effect baddies and team Star Wolf or something.

some characters would have limited super modes, like the trance mode Terra had in Final Fantasy 6, like Giant Mario, Super Sonic, Link with the Fierce Deity Mask, Samus having her Hyper Mode from Prime 3, X 's Ultimate armor and so on.

The items would be spread out form the various series like the Mario RPGs, Final Fantasy and Tales of Items to be fair , I figured at least one Tales of World would make it in lol.

Yes, Fire Embelm, Tales of, and a few Final Fantasies would be a nice cross, and even from some of the lesser known RPG's like Xenoblade, Golden Sun, Earthbound, and maybe even Xenogears or Saga lol.

Hell, like a lot of RPG's I would have a fighting arena so that you could not only fight people like Ryu, Ken, Kyo, Terry Bogard, Lu Kang, Jonny Cage Irori, Ranga the Blood edge, Sol Badguy and more, but then fight more enemies like M Bision, Geese, Akuma, Rugal, Hazuma, Shao Kahn and so on.
The structure of the plot would be like, start at the original world, fight a few original enemies , go to Mushroom World, fight Bowser and maybe Vile, then proceed fighting from Doctor Robotnik, Meta-Knight and Dark Matter, Ridely and Metriods, Onix and Veran and then Ganondorf, maybe a few more like Sigma, Sephiroth, Kefka, Giyas and more before the original enemy would have his plan moved.

And if it all worked out, that would be the start of a trilogy lol.

User Info: RanzEDGE

5 years ago#12
If they do something like this i would sure as heck hope it would be leaning towards it being like CapcomXNamco that game was awesome and a Nintendo version would be epic
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User Info: Snow-Dust

5 years ago#13
I think not so big nintendo characters should have the lead roles while mario, link, samus, pikachu etc are unlockable characters. This create people to want to unlock them and not have their big all-time hero already in the beginning.

atmost be 10 different party members with either 3 or 4 playable. While having the interaction system like in Fire emblem to see the characters development with each other like Pikachu thinking kirby is a pokemon.

turn base system like FF with each character having their own attack option thingy like mage using spells etc. so kirby can be a blue mage, link can use different items to cause stat changing, Marth can perform counter if the opponent hit him when he used that option with only chances working from the difference of foe and marth level.

Have limit breaks but everyone goes differently like mario is button mashing to spit many fireballs, link need to press button correctly to perform some hit and land the final blow etc.

Characters can do team attack randomly if they bonded well (look at 2nd paragraph) so like link and Samus can perform a bomb combo together or Fox and marth perform counter.

Finally also make each character unique to use in their own way so say when kirby drain item, she gains more bonus such as potion heal more life. Link can reduce damage if pressed button just when at attack connects. Samus will have a 2nd life surviving at 1HP while turning into ZZS

User Info: EarthLord_CJ

5 years ago#14
Don't know what people have against an all-in Nintendo RPG, to be honest. Always sounded like a wonderful idea to me.

I have no ideas to contribute to the topic, unfortunately. Sorry, TC. :(
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User Info: Necronmon

5 years ago#15
Ah, another thing, I think that for the battles themselves you could switch out fighters in battle like in Final Fantasy 10 or Star ocean 4, to use more tactics and what not.

Another idea is when your exploring you can use character skills to get to secrets and encourage returning. Like, you return later with Sonic to use his Light Speed Dash to get a switch and get the rare item real fast, use Samus's Morth Ball and Power Bombs, Link's various items like say, the Ocarina or magic arrows to get through special magical seals, Mario's jumping skills for, tricky jumps, or maybe the invisible cap to get through walls or something.

Now, for the plot.

Basically, it would be about a dark order that is recruiting and reviving various baddies for a evil purpose. One baddie would be a fanatical Orochimaru/ Xehanort darkness obsessed madman who wants to revive the true god of darkness.

However another baddie would be a CEO of a multi galactic corporation that is funding the dark order because he wants the various powers like the Power Stars, the Chaos Emeralds, the Tri Force, Phazon, the Life Stream, Super Force Metal and all the other big power sources so that he can have enough energy to in a sense force the entire universes to be in to his own kind of matrix like reality.

In this Matrix like system where the CEO would be god of the entire actuality, he would see it as a way to get the most profits in the swiftest manner and " Take the Fun" out of life. In essence its a homage to jackass CEO's like the one in Activision and EA and Wata, and my symbolizing on how those kind of jerks are what's ruining video games.

His top henchman would be a thrill seeking hyper aggressive jock like killer, who would have strength like the Hulk or Doomsday in Comic sense, or like Brolly from Dragon Ball Z. He would be a homage to all the attention span lacking people who just want to blow stuff up. He would have a bloodlust like a blood knight or Kenpatchi Zaraki from the Bleach Manga, and would represent the casual gamers that have caused Video Games as a whole to decay this generation with there obsession with dummbing down most game series for quick simplistic nice looking action.

Lastly, the dark lord guy would also maybe revive his master, and that master would have a Geroge Lucas / Myomoto complex and wants to destroy the current existence because he wants to make a better one and thinks every one in existence is imperfect.

Add that and all the bad guys from other game series and that should be plenty of bad guys to pound.

Ah, for the hero, I see him as a young man who wants to become a hero, and one way or another gets a special power, before going on a Odyssey to recruit hero's in the style that the Avengers were recruited, aka getting everyone for a big threat, and smoothing over differences like Mario and Sonic or say, Link and Cloud might have lol.

I have a few ideas on where to go with that, like the main lead trying to find what it takes to be a great hero and learning from all the others, and the main female lead would be his childhood friend who went away for a while. To spice it up I thought it would be good drama to have her boyfriend be the fight loving guy for more drama. After all, having the girl of your dreams be in love with a jock jackass would be something many gamers could sympathize with.

Oh well, lastly I could see gathering trophies like in Brawl to use them as once a battle summon attacks, or maybe as Cards or something, and then use those cards to duel in a mini game lol.

So, that's more of my ideas.

User Info: Necronmon

5 years ago#16
Bump, want this to last at least a week lol.

User Info: Necronmon

5 years ago#17
Final Smash Bump! Come on, there has to be a few pepole who have some ideas or something, oh well.

User Info: Crowfeather0226

5 years ago#18
Stopped taking this seriously after Cloud.
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User Info: SSBR10

5 years ago#19
Oni_Taedo posted...
On topic, no. No third parties. A Smash RPG MUST contain only Nintendo characters. No Sonic, no Cloud, no Megaman.

A Smash Bros. RPG should contain any character as long as it's repped in the main series and yes, that includes 3rd party characters. So as of now, there's nothing wrong with Sonic or Snake in the game.
Little Mac, Mega Man, Travis Touchdown for Super Smash Bros. 4.
Street Fighter x Mortal Kombat, Shonen Jump vs. Capcom please.

User Info: Ice_Dragon14

5 years ago#20
I'd like something like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon where you get to choose your characters. I'm not saying it should be a mystery dungeon game, I'd prefer an RPG. I'd just prefer to choose characters I like more
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