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Think of a Smash character before entering...

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User Info: RayzerTag

5 years ago#21
Peach. I am okay with this.

User Info: HylianCyndaquil

5 years ago#22
Not changing until a new Star Fox game is announced. (started 8/03/12)
SSBB is better than Melee. Nuff said

User Info: ShinyMoogle

5 years ago#23

I will claim it is here as a pet. And that is all there is to say on the matter.
~Official Stuffed Animal of the SSB4 Message Board~
Machine wash cold, tumble dry low.

User Info: TrueKirby

5 years ago#24
I don't drink...................
But I thought of Zelda. :D/ :P
I had a bowl of milk for breakfast. Without any milk. People who agree:1 People who don't agree:0

User Info: Samp98518

5 years ago#25
Jigglypuff. I think that one is explainable.
"My plan was perfect. But there was one thing I overlooked, one factor I failed to calculate.
He's a dumbass. And there's no accounting for dumbassness.

User Info: Vycoul

5 years ago#26
Zero Suit Samus.
Someone on this board once told me that it would seldom be a bad idea to pick female characters for these kind of topics. He's been right most of the time.

User Info: Playbuddy203

5 years ago#27

Oh, who knows, maybe I woke up in a feast room full of spilled wine, blue warriors and shapeshifters. Makes sense.
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User Info: YoungGganon

5 years ago#28
Marth. I swear to god I thought he was a woman, I mean, after seeing that girl look alike from the new Fire Emblem. Oh well....good thing I'm bi >_>
(Now playing Dead Island, Vanquish, and PSASBR Beta)

User Info: Bleach313

5 years ago#29
Hmmm not sure what to do with a guy that can't talk lol

User Info: mickey5252

5 years ago#30
Star fox
here puppy,puppy,pup- oh that is not a dog.
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