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Top 10 Least Wanted Newcomers

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User Info: videogamefan65

4 years ago#61
1. Daisy
2. Cloud Strife
3. N
4. Dark Pit
5. Mickey Mouse
Masked Man- Generic name, Awesome character
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User Info: Master_Warlord7

4 years ago#62
1: Krystal
2: Dixie Kong
3: Mii
4: Ghirahim
5: Zoroark
6: Toad
7: Tingle
8: Palutena
9: Medusa
10: Dark Pit
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User Info: skaz9000

4 years ago#63
1. Mii
2. Animal Crosser
3. Paper Mario
4. Ghirahim
5. Ashley

User Info: Undershorts

4 years ago#64
1. Shadow the hedgehog <~ Hell no
2. Toad <~ No depth for fighting
3. Dark Pit <~ Pit clone? No ty
4. Cloud <~ People wanted him in Soul Cally, now SSB? No.
5. Paper Mario <~ 1 Mario is good enough
6. Animal Crosser <~ What's he/she going to do? Weed people to death?
7. Ridley <~ already a boss guy... so, no.
8. Tingle <~ He's better as a trophy or w/e
9. Mii <~ God no
10. Fawful <~ His "fury" can smd

User Info: LegendofLegaia

4 years ago#65
Undershorts posted...
2. Toad <~ No depth for fighting

He's fought in SMB2 and Wario's Woods.

There are also Mario Party mini games that involve fighting.

He doesn't have as much fighting under his belt compared to other characters, but seeing as how ROB made it into Brawl's roster, I don't see how that's much of an issue.
Ninten/Giygas/Porky/Masked Man_Ridley_Black Shadow_Little Mac_Animal Crosser_Toad/Bowser Jr._Mega Man_Mewtwo_Palutena and Terra FOR SMASH! / = Either one

User Info: Dustof_DryBones

4 years ago#66
Now that I think about it, I don't want these characters in Smash, but that's about it. Everything else is fair game.

1. Geno
2. Fawful
3. Rosalina
4. Dunsparce
5. Bowser Jr.
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