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Who was your main in each smash game?

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User Info: Jammer196

4 years ago#51
64 - Kirby
Melee - Link
Brawl - Marth
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User Info: Empress_Bowser

4 years ago#52
64: Pikachu
Melee: Bowser
Brawl: Bowser
SSF4 Mains: Hakan, Zangief, C.Viper PSN: Emperor_B
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User Info: Nimkip42

4 years ago#53
SSBM:Doctor Mario
SSBB:Captain Olimar, not to mention that it was the game that introduced me to him!
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User Info: IChangedMyName

4 years ago#54
64 - Fox McCloud
Melee - Link
Brawl - Fox McCloud/Link
I play a lil bit of everything on a lil bit of everything.
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User Info: CaptainKatsura

4 years ago#55
SSB64: Captain Falcon
SSBM: Captain Falcon
SSBB: Captain Falcon

As you can see,I love Captain Falcon.
Herp-a derp

User Info: MintyDreams7

4 years ago#56
SSB: Pikachu
SSBM: Dr. Mario & Yoshi
SSBB: Mario & Bowser.
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User Info: Ice_Dragon14

4 years ago#57
Young Link
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User Info: Kou-Nurasaka

4 years ago#58
SSB: Mario/Link.

SSBM: Link. My buddy mained Ganondorf and we would have epic fights on Hyrule Temple.

SSBB: Since Link got nerfed so hard, I never really found anyone that I loved besides Ike. I play around with everyone, mostly Pit and Wolf.

User Info: akaw3407

4 years ago#59
Ness and jigglypuff for all three. I like to embarrass people.

User Info: Tethealla

4 years ago#60
64: Pikachu
Melee: Young Link
Brawl: Lucas
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  3. Who was your main in each smash game?

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