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You must sleep with X character. (Seconds game)

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User Info: Master_Warlord7

5 years ago#1
Look at the postbit for the seconds in your post, and that's your answer, if you haven't played a seconds game on gamefaqs before somehow.

00: Cranky Kong
01: Peach
02: Bowser
03: Wario
04: Captain Syrup
05: Ashley
06: Candy Kong
07: Dr. Robotnik
08: Rouge the Bat
09: Amy Rose
10: Samus
11: Zero Suit Samus
12: Ridley
13: Zelda
14: Sheik (Male)
15: Sheik (Female)
16: Tetra
17: Ghirahim
18: Duke Oliver
19: Lyndis
20: Miciah
21: Big the Cat
22: Daisy
23: Rosalina
24: Gardevoir
25: Lucario
26: Ditto
27: Magikarp
28: Wailord
29: Palutena
30: Hades
31: King Hippo
32: Bayonetta
33: Caeda
34: Marth
35: Misty
36: Cynthia
37: Brock
38: Sabrina
39: King K. Rool
40: Skyla
41: Flannery
42: Heavy Lobster
43: Adeleine
44: King Dedede
45: Lopunny
46: Krystal
47: Slippy
48: Kirby
49: Peppy
50: Jody Summers
51: Jessie
52: James
53: Tingle
54: Mona
55: Muk
56: Impa
58: Princess Elise
58: Lip
59: Master Hand
60: Pauline
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User Info: DragonImps

5 years ago#2

User Info: COlimar788

5 years ago#3
Twilight Sparkle is best pony.
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User Info: Ice_Dragon14

5 years ago#4
Edit: 03. Oh god no, are rerolls allowed?
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User Info: bestssbbfan

5 years ago#5
oh god here I go
32. I bet so many are jealous.
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User Info: Master_Warlord7

5 years ago#6
New posts are allowed, but you cannot erase your past. You're adding bodies onto the pile. Editing posts, as I am now discovering this changes the seconds, is not.

The appeal of something like this is the hits vs misses.
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User Info: yellowpikminboy

5 years ago#7

Oh, I was late by a few seconds with that.

And let us see what I get... King K... ow...
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User Info: ProfessorL

5 years ago#8
Oh cheese! Master Hand
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User Info: ConnorTheOtter

5 years ago#9
Come on Big the Cat...

User Info: alien803

5 years ago#10
And you didn't include Waluigi why?
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