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Think of a number between one and twenty...

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User Info: Milennin

4 years ago#61
Ike in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, I think I'll be fine.=P
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User Info: Doug314

4 years ago#62
Castlevania III with whoever my main is. I guess my versus record thingy says I've apparently used Lucas the most. He's be pretty good at most of it but I worry he couldn't defeat some enemies. It'd be hard.
Palutena, Isaac, Lip, Ridley, King K. Rool, and Anna for SSB Wii U and SSB 3DS!
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User Info: hhjghbhghnmh

4 years ago#63
Aw, I've gotta play Megaman X7 with Luigi...

Also, if no one's brought it up, I don't think there's a Megaman Zero 5. They ended the official series at 4, although ZX is kind of a direct sequel.

User Info: MedicalGamer

4 years ago#64
Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn with Lucas? Holy crap Lucas will be amazing since he'll have access to spells, most likely can heal everyone, and has a ton of HP and IQ (magic) to solo if hr wants to.
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User Info: Lethal13

4 years ago#65
Marth in Twilight princess??

F****** badass although all together he'd be screwed since he no can't use the master sword but holy man would he dice up so many monsters up in the process

User Info: Vandal26

4 years ago#66
Mario in Castlevania?

Well I guess I could manage, maybe.
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User Info: Traptin3days

4 years ago#67
Luigi in Banjo and Kazooie

Well.. I dunno, never played that game D:
"Smash isn't not made for only America.." - TBdragon90
Dimentio is our God!

User Info: makedounia

4 years ago#68
Super Mario 64 with Capt. Falcon. No problem!

User Info: superpikminbro7

4 years ago#69
olimar in super mario 64
to easy and to fun :D
bronies are f***ing stupid that is a fact
pikmin is awesome that is a fact :D

User Info: Entotrte

4 years ago#70
Zelda II with Sonic. lawl
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