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Let's say you could convivnce Nintendo to include 1 character of your choice.

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  3. Let's say you could convivnce Nintendo to include 1 character of your choice.

User Info: JSusie

4 years ago#61
Winston Churchill
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User Info: capcat123

4 years ago#62
My Body Is Ready

User Info: yoshirpg

4 years ago#63
Simon Belmont
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User Info: jaoman69

4 years ago#64
Hitler just so i can beat the crap out of him in a fighting game

User Info: feeny88

4 years ago#65
Anyone? Dante from DMC 1 or 3
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User Info: Lord_Kagato

4 years ago#66
Phoenix Wright
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User Info: feeltheninjutsu

4 years ago#67
Phoenix Wright
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User Info: Majora999

4 years ago#68
jwolfe340 posted...
l33t_iRk3n_Rm33 posted...
jwolfe340 posted...
I would love to see Viridi make it into the game, which is unlikely, as if they were to introduce another Kid Icarus character, it would likely be either Palutena or Medusa. However, I prefer Viridi. I find her more likable, plus I imagine a moveset would be much easier to create for her, with definitively defined powers, than it would for Palutena, who takes a backseat role and never really does anything to exhibit her power. Viridi could play somewhat similarly to Ivysaur, but with very fundamental differences. Similar recovery, and similar Razor Leaf type move. However, I see her neutral special being a charge shot, something akin to a Solarbeam from Pokemon, and her down special summoning thorns in an immediate range around her, similar to Squirtle's up smash, but significantly less powerful. I see her final smash as a reset bomb, combining elements of Luigi's and Olimar's. I see a circular range, and if anyone is caught within it, they are damaged by vines and the like, which would hit the player with several minor hits, thereby slightly slowing their motion. Plus, all items within the range are converted to either throwable apples or turnips, or edible vegetable and fruit items. So I guess you could say it would be similar to Peach's also, but I think if they capped the damage the vines could do at, say, 40% or so, it could work. Her smash attacks could make use of a wooden staff, with very slightly extended magical range. I think this could work. However, I would like to hear suggestions and/or problems, so if anyone here would like to criticize my work, please do so.

If real life had achievements, there should be one for reading this wall of text.

I suppose this is true. I apologize for making such a long and tedious post, but I like to articulate my ideas fully, and if I can't do so here, where can I?

Long posts are fine.

An enormous block of text is not.

Anyway, you make a good case for Viridi and if it was between her and Palutena, I'd say her, but I'm still on #TeamHades. I've been thinking of a moveset for him, might post it up one of these days.
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User Info: pizza_power19

4 years ago#69


User Info: Sir_Specter

4 years ago#70
LegendofLegaia posted...
Terra Branford, because I don't think her chances are anywhere close enough to be included in her own.

Really? If you could pick anyone, you'd pick the most annoying FF protagonist? I'm not knocking FFVI (or you. Just your choice), but she is just the worst. "Waaaaahhh! Being born with god-like super powers makes me sad. Poor meeeeeee! Everyone needs to know what a curse being granted such amazing power is." I just...I really hate her. Just be Zelda if you want to play a semi-competent (depending on which Zelda) mage lady.

On topic, my choice is Megaman. I'm honestly surprised that he didn't get in over Snake.
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