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Let's say you could convivnce Nintendo to include 1 character of your choice.

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  3. Let's say you could convivnce Nintendo to include 1 character of your choice.

User Info: Doug314

5 years ago#91
I would say Palutena but I think she'll be in anyway so that'd be a waste. I'd probably use it on Anna from FE just because she'd be so much better than the oring Krom.
Palutena, Isaac, Ridley, King K. Rool, and Anna for SSB Wii U and SSB 3DS!
SSB is the best series ever made!

User Info: RampantBlatt

5 years ago#92

Nintendo shouldn't be forced to include actual Nintendo people. That is stupid. We don't need any other Mario character unless you start taking away some.

User Info: Sygma01

5 years ago#93
IF one of my mains are potentially being dropped from the roster, I'd use this miracle request to bring them back (Wolf, Lucario)

OTHERWISE, add Finn & Jake.

User Info: kingcam07

5 years ago#94
Easily Sora, his movepool would be awesome in one of these games.
psn ID: kingcam07

User Info: Aeromaniacanoid

5 years ago#95
Neku Sakuraba
''Babbies are babies that play with Nintendo products. They're even more babyish than other babies so they get an extra B. Hence, babbies'' - ViewtifulGene

User Info: Galcian

5 years ago#96
Fierce Deity Link
A new era

User Info: alien803

5 years ago#97
Ditto, with this moveset:

Up B-
Transform into Waluigi

Side B-
Transform into Tingle

Down B-
Transform into Godzilla

Transform into me, William.

Transform into Horny the Horned Reaper

Down A-
Transform into a Bile Demon

walking A-
Transform into Yoshimitsu

Running A-
Transform into Andy

up A-
Transform into Chibi-Robo

Air A-
Transform into Earthworm Jim

Air Forward A-
Transform into Dr. Mario

Air Back A-
Transform into Adolf Hitler

Air Down A-
Transform into Spider Man.

Air Up A-
Transform into The King (CD-I)

Ledge Attack-
Transform into Lizardman

100% Ledge Attack-
Transform into Lizardman

Up Throw-
Transform into an angry Samuel Jackson

Forward Throw-
Transform into Beavis and Butthead

Back Throw-
Transform into the sandbag

Down Throw-
Transform into Mr. Saturn

Transform into Sakurai's Cat

Side Smash-
Transform into Jesus Christ

Down Smash-
Transform into Lanky Kong

Up Smash-
Transform into non-clone gannondorf

Up Taunt-
Transform into Strong Bad

Side Taunt-
Transform into Radiskull

Down Taunt-
Transform into Devil Doll

Shield backroll-
Transform into 2D from the gorillaz

Shield Dodge-
Transform into Invader Zim

Shield forward roll-
Transform into Gir

Shield Grab-
Transform into Dudley

Air Dodge-
Transform into Retro Pac-Man, with his look from the original Pac-Man game.

Ledge Roll-
Transform into Steve from Minecraft

Air Grab-
Transform into Cthulhu

*Note: All transformations are damaging to characters near the transforming exactly like Zelda's up-b. All transformations' down taunts transform them back into Ditto.*

User Info: vanguard29

5 years ago#98
MeLikeyPie posted...
Lyn from Fire Emblem, or [b]Lloyd Irving/Kratos from Tales of Symphonia. [/b]

it took eight pages for someone to give the right answer. as well, lloyd has a 100000X better chance than kratos because he was the main character, but if kratos or lloyd were in it, id buy a wii U on the spot to play as either one.
"Even If the morrow is barren of promises / Nothing shall forestall my return"

User Info: XWolfO

5 years ago#99
I'd most likely go for Ridley. Wanted him in since Melee.
It's-a me!

User Info: COlimar788

5 years ago#100
Tom Nook. No further explanation required.
Twilight Sparkle is best pony.
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