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Do you guys trust Namco?

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User Info: Geno

5 years ago#11
The game is still being developed first-party, it's just that Bamco has been hired on to give the project the additional manpower that it needs to get it out in the next two/three years instead of the four or five that it might normally take with a typical development team.

As for the actual question itself, yes, I trust Bamco. I'd not worry much about it because, to be completely honest, Bamco is probably going to be working mostly on the base game and the online play aspects, which is a heck of a boon because Bamco's proven they know what they're doing in that department.
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User Info: MegaForest

5 years ago#12
alien803 posted...
LordRattergun posted...
Yeah, they're quality developers and know how to make damn good fighting games, Soul Calibur 5 aside.

And that was only bad because of the roster, and Sakurai controlls that.

I can think of a quite a few other reasons actually:

> They released it without bothering to finish the story mode, leaving the plot with more holes in it than a block of Swiss cheese.

> The fact that story mode only focused on two characters in the roster instead of each character having their own unique story.

> They completely butchered Ivy's moveset by taking away all of her different stances and simplifying her to be pretty much useless. She used to be one of my best characters back in SC4, but I couldn't even play her at all in this game.

> They spat in their fans faces by including on-disc DLC.

> They didn't remove the stupid 50 character limit on the character creator even though the PS3/360 are clearly capable of storing way more data than that and it serves no real purpose.

> They still forced you to waste some of those 50 slots just to change the main characters' weapons rather than just letting you select your weapon at the start of the match like SC3 did. Just a note, I've never played any of the games before 3, so I'm not sure how they handled it in those. Either way, SC3's system for selecting your weapon was way better than the one they've been using ever since.

> The incredibly broken AI. Seriously, I get perfect on it two rounds in a row, and suddenly it comes back at least twice as strong as before in the last round and wipes the floor with me. If that's not proof enough that the AI cheats, I've had times where they've used their super moves without even depleting their super gauge. In fact, one time an AI controlled Sigfried used his ice shockwave move 3 TIMES IN A ROW without pausing at all in between.

> This one is more of a personal complaint than an actual flaw with the game, but I thought that all of the returning characters' costumes looked completely pathetic compared to the awesome ones they had in SC4.

> And yes, as you said, the roster was pretty much a disaster. They clearly missed the memo about how much fans HATE to see cuts in fighting games.

Yeah, there's a lot more wrong with it than just the roster. It's blatantly obvious that they put all their effort into the online modes and left the single player content until the very last minute. I know that single player isn't the main attraction of a fighting game, but seriously... At least put a little effort into it.
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User Info: Tenchi UK

Tenchi UK
5 years ago#13
LordRattergun posted...
Yeah, they're quality developers and know how to make damn good fighting games, Soul Calibur 5 aside.

I found the actual fighting in SCV to be pretty solid and the Create a character was great fun.
i just wish the single player content wasnt so limited.

would have loved a challenge mode or even some crazy rpg like mode.

one thing i do trust is that namco are good with online netcode so this one should be better than brawl online.
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User Info: Maximothelad

5 years ago#14
SaladVengeance posted...
Better than Nintendo, that's for sure.

but without Nintendo you wouldn't have Smash bros at all.... you sir are a paradox!

User Info: Faceman_

5 years ago#15
I was a little pissed at first, but I've come around. I love Tekken and its got an unreal amount of customization so I'm hoping that with them on board we can get some alternate costumes this go round. Just 1 per character. That's all I want. Pac Man as a character MAYBE, but no realistc characters.

User Info: reaverz

5 years ago#16
I think their participation increases the likelihood that the roster will be better balanced for competitive play.
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User Info: Electric_Sonic

5 years ago#17
i trust them a hell of a lot more than i trust sakurai

User Info: Waver92

5 years ago#18
StreetPasWantr posted...
Sakurai is still the main guy. (Hey that rhymed!) So I think the game will turn out fine.

Yeah, and he'll have the same amount of involvement as Melee. So yeah, this is going to be phenomenal like Melee.
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User Info: MrSpacelySlate

5 years ago#19
I trust Namco far more than Nintendo, who's content to rerelease Melee and remove half the content and sell it at a full $50.

User Info: Scorpion122178

5 years ago#20
The tekken franchise speaks for itself, I trust them.
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