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Who was the FIRST character you used in each Smash game?

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User Info: DMZapp

5 years ago#111
64: Donkey Kong
Melee: Mario
Brawl: Fox or Diddy (my brother played as the other. I can't remember).
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User Info: Mop_it_up

5 years ago#112
Mario in all of them.
"Who's applauding?" -My sister, whilst playing New Super Mario Brothers Wii

User Info: Watzup7856

5 years ago#113
SSB64: Mario
SSBM: Ness
SSBB: Yoshi
Ninten, Masked Man, Megaman, Prince Sable,and Sukapon for SSB4!!!!!!!!!!!!
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User Info: AsteraSnape

5 years ago#114
64: Link
Melee: Link
Brawl: Link

User Info: Zerdark

5 years ago#115
Mario in all of them. I is a Mario fanboy. I is also good at the english today.
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User Info: bestssbbfan

5 years ago#116
64: Mario, the entire reason I got into smash

Melee: Mewtwo, The first pokemon movie was mty favorite film of all time.

Brawl... I spammed the random button for the longest time, but I think it was wario
Created 6/12/2011
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User Info: Gaming_Mastery

5 years ago#117
Melee: LINK
Gotta crash the mode.

User Info: MARl0

5 years ago#118
64: Mario
Melee: Don't remember
Brawl: Ike
Currently playing: Ninja Gaiden III: Razor's Edge (Wii U)

User Info: blackhrt

5 years ago#119
Those of you who can't remember who you picked for the first Super Smash Bros. didn't play enough! Go back and play it! 8D
"I live my life 3 videogames at a time. Nothing else matters. Not the mortgage, not my clan and their BS. For those 3 games or less, I'm free."

User Info: pholicious

5 years ago#120
64- That's a tough one.
Melee- Ness
Brawl- Fox
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  3. Who was the FIRST character you used in each Smash game?

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