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POLL: Who do you want as the Namco character for Smash 4?

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User Info: XxHAVIC101xX

4 years ago#61
The Hero Of Time posted...
A Tales character.

The one I want would be Cless Alvein/Cress Albane/however you want to spell it, the original Tales hero. The guy still gets cameos and references even in later games, and Phantasia has a lot of remakes/ports (only one we in NA actually got, and that one... ugh...), so it's not like he's ignored or anything.

This right here. If they went with a Tales character, being the 1st main character would give Cress an edge to begin with. He kind of represents the series itself. Plus his fighting style is more interesting and unique than Lloyd's is. He'd be more fun to play as.

Faceman_ posted...
People need to realize that Tales is just another generic RPG with characters who are all one offs.

To be honest, the Tales series really isn't a generic RPG at all. It's more like a Deconstruction of the RPG genre. You would need to know about literature terms to know what I mean.

Here's a quote from the TVTropes Wiki under the Deconstruction page about the Tales Series.

"This is the entire point of the Tales Series. The modus operandi for the series is to write up the world's biggest Cliché Storm and then rip it to shreds: analysing in brutal detail why every single chapter of the fantasy book has the potential to be terrifying. The cutesy graphics mean they get away with a s***load of stuff that many other, more 'mature'-looking RPG's wouldn't be able to."

Having played a good amount of the games, I can say this statement is very true. There are some situations that you really wouldn't expect to see in a typical JRPG.

Plus the characters are arguably the most important part of the series. They have so much detail and focus aimed towards them that it usually seems like the story is told through the characters, rather than the characters going through the story. It's focus on what happens between characters: protagonist, antagonists, and NPCs, is honestly my favorite aspect about the series. More so than the battle systems.

I'm not trying to tell people to give the series a try, I'm just saying that I also didn't think much of the series until I started looking at things from this perspective. It's actually a lot deeper than it appears at first glance.
"I don't think we have time for this. Shouldn't we be focused on saving the world?"
-Asbel Lhant, side-questing in Tales of Graces.

User Info: TwilightKurughi

4 years ago#62
A tales of character, personally i think stahn would make a pretty good character and his move set would probably be pretty solid too

User Info: Ccroybb

4 years ago#63
A Tales character would be my pick, with Luke as my first choice. I suppose I would be ok with Lloyd, Yuri, or Asbel, though.

User Info: nightstalker87x

4 years ago#64
i think xenosaga is great and kosmos would fit in well with her mix of melee and ranged abilities and i think would make a great addition. The issue is that was a Playstation series so not likely to appear along with any other people who never appeared on a nintendo console.

Realistically though, Pacman is namcos mascot and their most likely choice

If they did tales im hoping for asbel, sophie, or kratos but i think sheena would be an interesting addition too, I think if they go tales route the most likely choices are cress (for nastalgia), lloyd, kratos, or asbel and i wouldnt be suprised if they brought both lloyd and kratos like how they did marth a roy. pretty much reskins with slightly different strengths. Even though yuri and rita and 2 of my top 5 tales characters, they never showed up on the nintendo at any point.

pretty much my top 10 namco list of characters i want is.

1. Kos-Mos (Xenosaga)
2. Kratos (Tales of Symphonia)
3. Asbel (Tales of Graces) - originally a wii game in japan
4. Sophie (tales of Graces)
5. Klonoa ( From Klonoa. Again, i think this started as a playstation game but there is a GBA and Wii game in the series. Not a fan but i think it would make a neat throw based character)
6. Lloyd (Tales of Symphonia)
7.Sheena (Tales of Symphonia)
8. Digdug's protagonist
10. Nightmare (Soul Caliber)

and if they really felt like tekkan then king or devil

User Info: LegendofLegaia

4 years ago#65
Kooky_von_Koopa posted...
Pac-Man is the only correct choice.
Ninten/Giygas/Porky/Masked Man_Ridley_Black Shadow_Little Mac_Animal Crosser_Toad/Bowser Jr._Mega Man_Mewtwo_Palutena and Terra FOR SMASH! / = Either one

User Info: XxHAVIC101xX

4 years ago#66
nightstalker87x posted...
Even though yuri and rita and 2 of my top 5 tales characters, they never showed up on the nintendo at any point.

Yuri, Flynn, and Estelle showed up in Project X Zone for the 3DS. It's a cross over strategy RPG with Namco, Camcom, and Sega characters.

Several other Namco characters did too.

KOS-MOS and T-elos
Jin, Hehachi, Xiaoyu, and Alice

. . .actually I really can't remember anymore. I'm sure you can look it up somewhere. -__-;;
"I don't think we have time for this. Shouldn't we be focused on saving the world?"
-Asbel Lhant, side-questing in Tales of Graces.

User Info: Gamer09e

4 years ago#67
LegendofLegaia posted...
Kooky_von_Koopa posted...
Pac-Man is the only correct choice.
Elektra for UMvC 3 and Pac man for SSBWIIU

User Info: ReloadPsi

4 years ago#68
Pac Man is the only one who'd be completely recognisable. Hell, they managed to implement Mr. Game & Watch, so I can't imagine them having trouble making Pac Man into a fighting game character.

Putting a Tekken character in it would require them to move unrealistically fast (for their own universe's standards) like they had to in that one Street Fighter crossover, plus I don't find Tekken to be... well I'm trying to think of a better word than whimsical enough.

At least Solid Snake, for example, came from a series that constantly broke the fourth wall, and had ridiculous stuff like an old guy who photosynthesised and then launched his teeth eight miles into the air before he exploded, and a villain who rode a white horse while wearing a cheesy black cape over a cheesy white suit, and deadly poisonous Zanzibar hamsters, and NASA ninjas, and a guy who controlled bees, and an algae that crapped oil somehow. Snake was actually very well-suited to the world of Smash Bros when you looked at it that way.

Anything remotely as silly as that in Tekken is usually some kind of non-canon ending or hidden bonus character and I just don't feel that putting a Tekken character in a Smash game would be a good fit unless it's something like Gon or that Panda, but they're hardly flagship characters for the franchise.

Incidentally I voted for Klonoa because I love those games but fat chance of that eh?

Also I'd find it funny to have the original Doomguy in it and make him a really crappy jumper.
If you've no respect for the fact that people have put the time aside to play a game with you, play a single-player game. There are thousands to choose from.

User Info: FoxMakinWaffles

4 years ago#69
Other: Prince of All Cosmos
Opinions on users change rapidly as their power-levels are exposed. -Ressechu

User Info: Uru_Zeph

4 years ago#70
Lloyd or Kratos from Tales of Symphonia. It would even then make sense to include them in the Smash Brothers game, because their specific story was on Nintendo's console. Cress/Cless would also be a great choice, but I chose Kratos or Lloyd because Kratos' sword is awesome and would be able to factor into his moveset, and Lloyd would have a different fighting style from most of the other sword users in SSB because he dual wields.

Also, to the person who said if they included both Kratos and Lloyd it would be like Marth and Roy (reskins with the same movesets); I think you forget the part where Kratos uses a sword and shield and Lloyd uses two swords. That holds a pretty significant impact on their movesets.
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