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Character: Earthworm Jim

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User Info: Dahweirdacus

4 years ago#1
I would actually want them to add Earthworm Jim as a playable Character.
Cause he'd be fun to use and I can see how he'd be possible.
He's got plenty of moves, taunts ect.
Which would make him possible to add.

A alone: Nintendo can choose
Over and A: Side whip
Up and A: Upper whip
Down and A: Downward whip
B alone: Shooting the gun (After a long time of not using B, Earthworm Jim will glow like when Wario holds in his fart, press B and have that big blast shoot out)
Holding B: Repeatedly shooting like Fox
Up and B (When in air): Spins his head around like a helicopter to hover.
Over and B: Grapple whip (Works like clawshot)
Down and B: Nintendo can choose

Up: Toss his gun and catch it (With sound effects of him saying Groovy?)
Both side: The taunt where he flexs his muscles and his pants fall and he screams and pulls them up.
Down: Jump rope using his head (worm)

Final Smash (Assuming they're going to bring back the Smash Moves)
Hop on a rocket and scream "WOAHHHHHHH NELLY!" and fly all over the place like when Pikachu uses it's Final Smash move. (Or have the background become and asteroid field with Earthworm Jim on the rocket and the asteroids fly at the screen (Would be cool on 3DS in 3D.)

Victory Music: The music that plays when you beat the asteroid race.
Founder of Minecraft Wrestling Federation {Xbox 360}. I play games to have fun rather I win/lose. GT: Dahweirdacus
Twitter: @Dahweirdacus & @MWFMinecraft
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