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Are you buying Wii U for Smash bros?

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User Info: dedekong

4 years ago#1
The Wii u is currently flopping in all major game markets, and today Nintendo cut their sales forecast in half for software and hardware.

Are you one of the people who have yet to purchase a Wii U because you're waiting on smash?

User Info: PlasmaCannon

4 years ago#2
I made that mistake with the Wii and Brawl and will not do it again with SSB4.
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User Info: scottwritten

4 years ago#3
I'm buying it for this, Zelda Wii U, and any other games that take my interest.

EDIT: I'm buying the Wii U later though, when games like these are actually released.
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User Info: albertojz356

4 years ago#4
No i'm waiting for more appealing games before I jump into the Wii U and also have many 3ds games that i'm really focused on. Smash isn't the only reason nor the game I want the most but it's among them. Of the games I know will be released I'd rank Bayonetta 2 and SMT x Fire Emblem game higher on my priority list since I feel safer that i'd enjoy them while Smash is a "wait-and-see" kinda deal.
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User Info: AntiReligionist

4 years ago#5
If I get Wii U, I'm getting it for MH3U. Of course it's good to know that a game like this will be on the console in case I do end up getting it as it would be nice to have some other games for it too.
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User Info: alpha-ape

4 years ago#6
Yes, the Smash games have become better with each game, so I won't miss this one.
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User Info: dedekong

4 years ago#7
I imagine that if smash bros 3ds is similar enough, there won't even be much of a reason to get a Wii u and smash

User Info: 8-bitMegaman

4 years ago#8
Since there is no confirmation of a Metroid game, I will get a Wii U for this game, perhaps earlier if a Metroid game gets announced.
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User Info: reaverz

4 years ago#9
Maybe, but I may get it when Mario Kart releases. Actually, Wind Waker wouldn't be a bad investment either seeing as my Gamecube Memory Card decided to wipe itself last year...
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User Info: _Sanaki_

4 years ago#10
I'm planning on getting one for Pikmin 3 (assuming my funds work out that well) actually, just a matter of getting to that point. So by the time I can it may be closer to the release of SSBU than Pikmin 3.
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