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Are you buying Wii U for Smash bros?

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User Info: P00DGE

4 years ago#71
UberPyro64 posted...
P00DGE posted...
Kamek85 posted...
LegendofLegaia posted...
Danahell posted...
No, I bought a gamecube just for melee, and while it was a great game it wasn't enough to make up for a whole console

Have you tried playing:

-The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker
-Luigi's Mansion
-Super Mario Sunshine
-Metroid Prime
-Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
-Pikmin 2
-Mario Kart Double Dash
-Mario Parties 4-6
-Animal Crossing

Take Sunshine, Echoes, Kart, Party, and Animal Crossing off that list. Sometimes less is more.

I prefer Sunshine to the abysmal **** that is Galaxy

Well you're in the minority on that. A rather small minority.

I understand that. But I truly did hate Galaxy. It felt way too casual and easy to me.

And Sunshine's environments were just so lovely, and the whole game felt more challenging.

User Info: victinivcreate1

4 years ago#72
Im bought for
Sonic All Stars Racin Transformed-HAVE
Rayman Legends
Mario Kart Wii U
Metroid U
Zelda U
Wind Waker HD
Pikmin 3
Smash Bros U
Genesect, Mewtwo, Ridley, Shulk, Palutena, Megaman, Isaac, Saki, Toad, King K. Rool, Ghirahim, Roy, Little Mac, Megaman, and DLC for SSB4
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