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What do you hope they include?

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This isn't a roster topic but if you want to name your ideal roster then please feel free to do so. I'm not a meta player or somebody who gives a damn about Tiers. I love this series because it's fun so I can't give a damn about tournament players. But here are my personal ideas that I hope are in the next Smash Bros. Blog alert!!

The roster I'd keep mostly the same. We don't need a huge increase in characters, just a focus on balancing and reworked move sets. I would just add:
1. Little Mac
2. Geno (just to make people shut the hell up)
3. Shulk
4. Non cloned Ganondorf
5. Non Cloned Toon Link
6. Non cloned Falco and Wolf

Final Smashes / Move Set changes

Donkey Kong - Give him a new Final Smash! His past history connected to those damn bongos has been eliminated with the release of Donkey Kong Country Returns so let's embrace that. How about he tosses barrels for a limited time or have a stampede of his animal buddies. Hell just let him jump on Rambi's back and go on a rampage. But I think he should at least have his head smash replaced with a barrel throw.

Sonic - He's my favorite character in Brawl but he has the most boring move set in the history of the franchise. How about we use his shields when reworking his move set? Or if nothing else use his chaos powers that he gained in the Sonic Adventure series? Leave his Final Smash alone but rework his move set.

Luigi - With Luigi's Mansion 2 coming out we have a real opportunity to give him one kick ass Final Smash. Have it to where he pulls out the Poltergust and just sucks in anybody who gets too close. On top of that you have ghosts and Boos being sucked in which also cause the other players damage.

Falco and Wolf - I don't care what Final Smash you give these guys as long as it isn't a damn Land Master

Peach - How about she pulls up a giant radish that causes dozens of radishes to fall from the sky?

Third Party Characters
I firmly believe we should have 4 third party characters per game.
Wii U
1. Sonic
2. Snake
3. Mega Man
4. Pac-Man

1. Tails
2. Simon Belmont
3. Zero or Protoman
4. Lloyd Irving

This gives us access to SEGA, Konami, Capcom, and Namco for use of other characters as assist trophies and possible alternate music.

Wii U / 3DS Connectivity
Here is where I'm going to catch hell.

I believe the Wii U and 3DS versions should communicate with each other and allow you to transfer the system specific characters to the other game. For example, you can only unlock Sonic on the Wii U version but once you do, you can connect your 3DS and he'll unlock in the 3DS version. Same goes with someone like Simon Belmont, once you unlock him on the 3DS you can connect to the Wii U and unlock him on there.

This gives the player incentive to buy both games and they've been doing this since Pokémon Red / Blue.

1. A more coherent story

2. Voice acting for every character that speaks in their game. So Mario would have spoken dialog but Link wouldn't. This would also give them a huge opportunity to find a voice cast for the next Zelda game. Obviously Link wouldn't have a voice but we could have voices for Zelda and Ganondorf.

3. Finalize the cast first before they work on the SSE. Sonic was only included in the last part because he was finalized so late in development. How about we get all of our characters finalized and then work on the story so we can seamlessly weave them into it? Makes sense to me.

And obviously. No. More. Tripping.
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  3. What do you hope they include?

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