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Let's Pick a Past Stage! *Brawl Edition* -- DAY 17

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User Info: Awakened_Link

4 years ago#1
ROUND 2, MATCH #17 -- Mario Circuit v. Castle Siege - Results (37 votes)
Mario Circuit (Mario Kart)
43.24% (16 votes)
Castle Siege (Fire Emblem)
56.76% (21 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Hey, all, and welcome to the Let's Pick a Past Stage! Brawl Edition! In this series of topics, users will vote for which stages from Super Super Bros. Brawl they'd like to see return as Past Stages for the upcoming fourth title Super Smash Bros Wii U (tentative title). In a classic Tournament Mode format, all 31 regular Stages from Brawl have been randomly pitted against each other in 2-v-2 duels (excluding this match, due to odd numbers). Each user will vote for their favorite stage in each match, in which the winning stages (whomever reaches at least 10 votes first) move on to the next round in the tournament while the losing stages are permanently eliminated from the competition. This will continue until we reach our winning stage!

Allotting 10 Past Stages entries in correlation to the number of Past Stages in Brawl, runner-ups behind the initial champion will compete against each other for your vote in a similar fashion to the original tournament. In time, this board will eventually create the perfect 10 Past Stages from SSBB!

Only one vote per IP, and no trolling/flaming/etc. Just have fun and make sure your favorite makes the cut!


Yikes, I really need to get back on track here. Sorry for the delay, folks. :\

Alright, so moving on to Match #17! Tonight's battle features the classic Mario Kart course, Mario Circuit, versus the constant castle in distress, Castle Siege.

Another toughie...I can't really decide, I think I'm going to do enough 'vote for the underdog' and just wait and see how this one will play out. Both are great stages with fantastic music.

Match #16 declared Delfino Plaza as the winner, trumping Pirate Ship 15-9.

-Day #1 -- Luigi's Mansion [61.29%, 19 of 31 votes]
-Day #2 -- Halberd [75.76%, 25 of 33 votes]
-Day #3 -- Pirate Ship [62.5%, 30 of 48 votes]
-Day #4 -- Delfino Plaza [62.22%, 28 of 45 votes]
-Day #5 -- Mario Circuit [83.33%, 20 of 24 votes]
-Day #6 -- Castle Siege [77.27%, 17 of 22 votes]
-Day #7 -- 75 m [61.54%, 24 of 39 votes]
-Day #8 -- Mushroomy Kingdom [58.62%, 17 of 29 votes]
-Day #9 -- Smashville [82.76%, 24 of 29 votes]
-Day #10 -- Spear Pillar [57.58%, 19 of 33 votes]
-Day #11 -- Shadow Moses Island [70.59%, 24 of 24 votes]
-Day #12 -- Bridge of Eldin [51.22%, 21 of 41 votes]
-Day #13 -- Pokemon Stadium 2 [53.57%, 15 of 28 votes]
-Day #14 -- Distant Planet [52.94%, 18 of 34 votes]

-Day #15 -- Luigi's Mansion [57.14%, 20 of 35 votes]
-Day #16 -- Delfino Plaza [62.5%, 15 of 24 votes]

-Flat Zone 2
-Port Town Aero Drive
-Yoshi's Island
-Frigate Orpheon
-Lylat Cruise
-Rumble Falls
-New Pork City
-Mario Bros.
-WarioWare, Inc.
-Green Hill Zone
-Pirate Ship

You can follow the *revised* bracket here:
File Not Found

User Info: Awakened_Link

4 years ago#2
File Not Found

User Info: fawful_X

4 years ago#3
Mario Circut was boring.

Castle Siege was fun.
If Ganondorf had a brick wall built in front of the Master Sword Chamber, he would be almost, if not impossible to kill. Ganon would win.
I have bad memory.

User Info: TheLightLord100

4 years ago#4
Oh, I liked New Pork City too bad
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