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Who do you actually want more, Ike or Roy?

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  3. Who do you actually want more, Ike or Roy?

User Info: LordYggdrasilXX

4 years ago#1
I think most of us are in agreement that Chrom will be in and there is no way in hell FE will get 4 reps, so it is between of those two vets.

User Info: LordAlistair

4 years ago#2
Ike because he isn't a clone.

User Info: RyanCE

4 years ago#3
Ike. He's starred in two games and he's not a clone.

User Info: ViewtifulGene

4 years ago#4
Ike. I enjoyed PoR much more than RD. Even if Roy could be decloned, I'm not interested in scrapping Ike for him.
"Once again, ViewtifulGene's logic blows minds and crushes dreams." -TheGamingGolfer
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User Info: Blazekicker27

4 years ago#5
Official Houndoom of the Pokemon X/Y boards and Blaziken of the PMD:GTI board.

User Info: LegendofLegaia

4 years ago#6
I want both, but I'd prefer to keep Ike.

I don't want to have to deal with losing another FE character.
Ninten/Giygas/Porky/Masked Man_Ridley_Black Shadow_Little Mac_Animal Crosser_Toad/Bowser Jr._Mega Man_Mewtwo_Palutena and Terra FOR SMASH! / = Either one

User Info: AntiReligionist

4 years ago#7
Never again will I bend to Xbox's will.

User Info: Davidk92

4 years ago#8
Little Mac.

Believe it or not, some of us don't like Fire Emblem.
"The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you can't do."
~Walter Bagehot

User Info: Mother-Nesu

4 years ago#9
Ike is 20
Roy is 15
Roy still kicks his a$$ :3

User Info: UberPyro64

4 years ago#10
Ike cause he's cooler and not a clone.

Unless he take's his awakening appearance then Roy but otherwise Ike.
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  3. Who do you actually want more, Ike or Roy?

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